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We are convinced that we have to eat more consciously. Conscious nutrition is important, because if we do not do so we harm our body and the environment in the long term.

Our mission

Our mission is to make conscious, healthy eating from high quality ingredients simple.

What we believe

We believe our body deserves only the best, and we want to live in a world dealing with resources responsibly. Therefore, we believe we have to focus on eating seasonal products made from organic ingredients.

Only if we eat seasonal products made from organic ingredients, we can make a sustainable contribution to the protection of our ecosystem. And only if the meat that we eat comes from species-appropriate farming and has grown antibiotic-free and the vegetables that we eat are naturally grown and not treated with fertilizer and pesticides, we can eat healthy.

That is why every day we work on creating new, exciting organic soups, ready meals and bone broths, making it possible to eat consciously even if we are stressed and have no time for cooking. With our low carb, low calorie, high protein, paleo and vegan organic soups, ready meals and bone broth, we offer you the opportunity to eat according to your individual needs without any effort. That means smart for us.

„We are what we eat."

What this means for you


What does our mission mean for you? How do you benefit from our organic soups, ready meals and bone broths in jars?

Save time

No cooking. You simply have to heat the meals.

Eat better

Because we only use organic ingredients, know exactly where our ingredients come from, work with a very gentle cooking process and create "healthy" recipes together with our nutrition consultant Nadine, our organic soups, ready meals and bone broths are rich of important nurtrients.

Eat more targeted

Our selection and low carb, low calorie, high protein, paleo or vegan JARMINO organic soups, ready meals and bone broths allow you to eat according to your individual needs. And this without any effort for you.

Produced by hand with love


Our principles

Conscious diet
Our mission is to offer you the opportunity to eat healthy, even if you have no time or desire to cook yourself. We follow the principle of clean eating. Therefore, we only use 100% organic and unprocessed ingredients for our JARMINOs. Because the more a food is processed, the more valuable nutrients are destroyed. With our organic soup, ready meals and bone broths, we also offer you the opportunity to eat according to your individual needs and preferences. Our products are created to support a variety of goals: weight loss, performance and concentration increase, muscle building or just feeling comfortable and supporting your health through a more balanced diet.
Quick & easy
Is it again late in the office and the fridge at home is empty? Or is there again so much stress at the office, that there is no time for lunch? Each of us is aware of these situations in which one longs for a warm meal, but only the only opportunities are fast food or unhealthy delivery services. With JARMINO we want to end these times. Our credo is "Work hard eat smart". If you work hard, you have to eat healthy and this is possible with our JARMINOs in a smart way. Only when we eat healthy we give our body the necessary nutrients to achieve maximum performance. We want to provide the opportunity to eat healthy even if you have only little time. Whether in the office or at home - if you do not want to cook, our 100% organic soups, ready meals and bone broths are ready-to-eat in 2 minutes. Our service is designed as a regular delivery. If you want, we send you a box of jars you choose yourself every month. But do not worry, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Of course, you do not have to sign a subscription. You can also order our organic soups and ready meals only one-time.
100% organic & sustainable
We rely on 100% organic quality. All our products are made from organic ingredients. We place our trust in regional organic farmers and suppliers near our manufactory at the foot of the Alps. The animals who's meat we use grown up under species-appropriate conditions and without antibiotics, and the vegetables which we further process naturally grown and are not treated with fertilizer and pesticides. In doing so, we want to do something good for our body as well as support sustainable agriculture. And this is our commitment. For this reason, we only purchase organic ingredients from local farmers. Most of these are family-owned family-run farms which have been operating environmentally and sustainably for several generations. We attach great importance to the fact that we eat meat from animals growing up happy. Only this way our JARMINOs become a lasting pleasure.
Fit through the day
With our jars we would like to offer you the opportunity to meet your needs and goals. Our food is basically modern, light and innovative. We always have a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. But also meat lovers will get their money's worth. In addition, we have many JARMINOs with low calories or low carbohydrate or JARMINOs that help you with your Paleo diet. Our dishes are vitamin and fiber rich, which helps you to achieve your sporting goals, to increase your ability to concentrate, or to feel more comfortable. We have developed our nutritional concept with doctors, nutritionists and experienced chefs.
No preservatives
Flavor enhancers as well as preservatives are a taboo for us. Our JARMINOs are preserved in a natural way with a gentle process. We have worked so long on our process until we were able to minimize the baking times and temperatures, so that we can make the preservation particularly gentle for the ingredients and keep as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. Despite this innovative approach we can guarantee shelf life of up to six months and storing at room temperature. For all our organic soups, ready meals and bone broths, we rely on purely natural and untreated ingredients.