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Delivered in only 2-4 days


You want to eat healthy, but do not have the time to cook? Or you want to relieve your body? With our detox cleanses and organic soups, ready meals & bone broths, we have just the right thing for you. And this is how it works.

How to buy organic soups, ready meals & bone broth

Buy organic soups, ready meals and bone broth in our online shop.

We prepare

  • Delicious organic soups, ready meals and bone broth ready to eat in jars
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients from sustainable agriculture
  • Hand-made without additives and preservatives

By our special method of preserving at a maximum of 98 degrees, vitamins and nutrients are preserved as much as possible, and the vegetables remain crispier and the meat firmer. Therefore, our JARMINOs and bone broths are uncooled for 6 months only, and not 2 years as with fully preserved products. Quality is our concern. By producing and filling by hand, we can prevent even more our organic dishes and bone broths become the usual "mash". Where an automatic bottling plant can only fill homogenous batches, our Slow Food chef Franz has free choice of how thick the sauce or how big the vegetable or meat pieces should be. And you can see and taste this, for example our thai curry comes with whole broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes or beans and our chili con carne with larger meat pieces. Due to the strictly controlled origin of the ingredients, our organic soups & ready meals and bone broth become a sustainable indulgence. Information on our suppliers can be found in the section "Philosophy". If you decide to take a detox treatment, you will get a ready-made detox soup for lunch or dinner.


You choose

  • 4, 6 or 12 delicious organic soups, ready meals or bone broths form our seasonal changing assortment
  • According wo your individuell preferences: Vegan, low carb, low calorie, high protein, paleo - developed by Food&Health Coach Nadine
  • Whether you would like to get the jars only once or in a monthly subscription where you save shipping costs

You can decide before you buy with us, whether you want to order our tasting box or the comfortable subscription. With our subscription, we want to supply you every month with our organic meals or bone broth, so you always have a small stock at home or in the office. By this means, if you do not have the time to cook yourself something healthy, you do not need to fall back to unhealthy fast food. If you have chosen the subscription, you can easily adapt your box to your customer account at any time, i.e. change the selection or number of jars. Should you have found your favorites and want to receive them regularly over a longer period of time, this is no problem. And another the good thing about the subscription is that we can offer free delivery.


DHL delivers

  • Within 2-5 days directly in front of your home or office
  • Or to an access point near you

Now you only have to open the package and you can start. Just take off the lid and heat up the organic soup, ready meal or bone broth in a pot, water bath or microwave (about 2 minutes) and enjoy. We call this "Fast Good": healthy eating easy and fast. And if you do not eat all immediately, you can simply store the closed jars in a cool (20 degrees) and dark place. Most of the JARMINO organic soups, organic ready meals and bone broths are ready for consumption, you do not need to cook a side dish (the Bolognese sauce is an exception, we recommend fresh pasta).

How to buy a detox cleanse

Buy a detox cleanse in our online shop.

You decide

  • Which detox cleanse is the right one for you
  • We support you at any time in your decision to find the right detox cleanse for you

Which detox cleanse is the right for you depends on your goals. If you want to give your body a short rest, the Healthy Day may be right for you. If you are looking for more relief or slimming, then you are well advised with the 3 or 5 day detox cleanses. If you want to change your lifestyle fundamentally and change your diet in the long term to a natural, wholesome and pH-balanced diet, then we recommend the 7 days Reset or the 14 days Life Change detox cleanses. Detailed information about the individual detox cleanses and a comparison of the cures can be found in our detox shop. We would be happy to advise you personally by email or by phone: 0040-(0)89-716723390. Call us and we'll find out which detox cleanse is right for you.


We pack

  • Your detox cleanse individually for you, made from 100% organic ingredients and with many extras such as bone broth, barley grass powder, base powder, pH-balanced bath etc.
  • Deliver within 2-5 days

Our detox cleanses are carefree packages. That is, You do not have to worry about anything during the Healthy Day or the 3, 5, 7 or 14 days detox cleases. At all detox cures, you will be served overnight oats or superfood cereals with almond milk for breakfast. For lunch, we supply you with one of our organic soups ready-to-eat in jars. For the afternoon you receive a snack bag made of different nuts and dried fruits - in a practical paper bag, ideal for traveling. For the evening we provide you with a detox recipe for which you only need to buy the fresh ingredients yourself, all dry ingredients such as quinoa, millet, almonds are already delivered packed in portions. Depending on which detox cure you have chosen, you will also get a healthy bone broth (or alternatively vegan vegetable broth) and various extras such as linseed oil, barley grass powder, base powder, pH-balanced bath, brush for dry massages etc.


You detox

  • 1, 3, 5, 7 or 14 days relaxed
  • And we are always at your disposal for any questions during the detox cleanse
During the detox cleanse you should try as well as possible to relax, since your body should use its whole strength for the detoxification. So let yourself be well, try to rest and avoid stress and exaggerated sport. Because even through excessive sports the body can form acids which you should avoid to get the maximum out of the detox cleanse. You do not have to stick strictly to the schedule during the detox cleanse, if you prefere a different recipe or another organic soup one day than written in the plan, just change them with another day. If you want to lose more weight, you can do without the snacks. If you have any questions during the detox treatment, we are always at your disposal by email or telephone.

We make healthy diet easy! With our delicious organic ready meals and bone broth in jars and our effective detox cleanses

You want to eat healthy and conscious? You do not have time to cook? Or you look for a healthy alternative for lunch at the office? With our JARMINOs we offer you the optimal solution. The advantages of our organic soups and bone broth in jars at a glance:

  • 100% organic
  • Supports sustainable agriculture: The majority of our ingredients are from the Ökomodellregion (eco-farming region) Waginger See - Rupertiwinkel. Here we produce and our suppliers are our neighbors. Thia creates transparency and we can make sure that the ingredients in our jars are from sustainable agriculture
  • Made by hand with attention to detail: We are still cooking and not producing
  • Cooked gently, at temperatures up to only 98 degrees. Although this shortens the shelf life compared to up to 2 years of fully preserved products to a maximum of 6 months, vitamins and nutrients can be maintained much better. In addition, the difference can be tasted, vegetables have much more bite, the meat is more solid and the spices can unfold much more. And when would you need to store a soup for 2 years?
  • Produced naturally without additives and preservatives
  • Our bone broth is cooked for one whole day until all important ingredients of the bones are set free. Thus, the bone broth becomes a healthy nutrient kick
  • Seasonally changing assortment creates variety and follows regional availabilty
  • Support your individual goals with our low carb, low calorie, high protein, vegan and paleo products, developed by Food & Health Coach Nadine Hüttenrauch
  • After a short warming in the pot, water bath, microwave or oven, you can have a freshly cooked and healthy meal on the table in less than 2 minutes
  • Fair price, so all in the supply chain earn what they diserve
  • For effective detox diversity is essential for us. For this reason, we are convinced that a detox cleanse should be more than just cold-pressed juices. Juices usually contain high amounts of fructose, which impairs liver and kidneys and without the benefits of macro-nutrients, such as protein and good fats, many of the vitamins and minerals in some juice combinations are useless. Some vegetable varieties also need heating to release the whole potential of your nutritional pathways. The body needs food in a variety of forms, raw and not raw, to function optimally. And why should one not use the whole diversity that nature provides us for detox?