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Bone broth

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£16.81 -10% £15.13

Whether as part of a diet, daily routine or drink in between, our bone broths can help you lose weight, be used as an anti-aging measure, or just as a nutrient and mineral boost. Through the long cooking of the beef or chicken bones valuable minerals, collagens and amino acids are dissolved. Collagen is a central component of bones, cartilage, tendons, hair, skin and nails. The amino acid glutamine contained in the bone broth regulates the acid-base balance and is intended to help the skin to tighten and glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronic acid are good for the joints.

Bone broth beef: 4550 mg of natural collagen per serving/jar
Bone broth chicken: 3850 mg of natural collagen per serving/jar

You can mix the bone broth package as desired, i.e. either you choose only beef bone broth or only chicken bone bone broth or you opt for the mixed variant. Then you get half beef and half chicken bone broth.

You can choose between packages of 4, 6 or 12 jars.
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You will receive the following products in the bone broth package:

Beef bone broth BEAM - with ginger and coriander, 4550 mg of natural collagen per serving/jar
Chicken bone broth BOOST - with sage, bay leaves and chili, 3850 mg of natural collagen per serving/jar

You can choose between a mixed package (half beef bone broth, half chicken bone broth) or single-origin packages (i.e., only beef bone broth or only chicken bone broth). The packages are available in sizes of 4, 6 or 12 jars. One jar contains 350ml of pure bone broth from 100% organic ingredients.

Where do the ingredients for our bone broth come from?
Our manufactory is located in the Ökomodellregion (ecological region) Waginger See - Rupertwinkel at the foot of the Alps. Our ingredients are therefore mainly from the region, from farmers who operate their ecological farms in a sustainable way. The chicken bones for our chicken bone broth BOOST are obtained from our friend Sebastian Kettenberger. On his farm chickens grow in a species-appropriate manner. The feed is cultivated by Sebastian himself.
From the butcher's shop Gassner we receive the bones for our beef bone broth BEAM. Supported by BIO farmers in the region, we attach particular importance to the fact that the animals are exclusively grass-fed.
Also the vegetables used to for cooking our bone broths are mostly from regional farmers. Due to short distances we can work with particularly fresh products and ensure transparency.

You find all nutrition facts here.

per 100 ml per portion (420ml)
Energy419kJ / 100kcal 1759.8kJ / 420kcal
Total Fat100g 420g
Saturated Fat100g 420g
Carbohydrates100g 420g
Sugar100g 420g
Protein100g 420g
Salz/100g100g 420g

No allergens :)