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Chicken bone broth

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Bone broth: 350ml bone broth from organic free-range chickens

Drink our nutrient-rich bone broth from free-range organic chickens as a daily routine, consume it as a soothing drink in between, or use it as basis for soups and sauces. By cooking the chicken bones for 20 hours, valuable nutrients such as collagen and amino acids are dissolved. Collagen is a key component of bones, cartilage, tendons, hair, skin and nails. Known by grandma, chicken bone broth is often drunk when having cold.

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You find all nutrition facts here.

per 100 ml per portion (6 x 350 ml)
Energy235kJ / 56kcal 14.1kJ / 3.36kcal
Total Fat2.5g 0.15g
Saturated Fat0.8g 0.05g
Carbohydrates0.3g 0.02g
Sugar0.2g 0.01g
Protein8.0g 0.48g
Salz/100g0.0g 0g
Vitalized water, poultry carcasses *, onions *, carrots *, CELERY *, leek *, rock salt *, parsley *, pepper *, sage *, bay leaf *, chilli * * from certified organic farming
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