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About Jarmino

We believe conscious nutrition is essential for a healthy body, but we know that it is often not easy to implement this in everyday life. That is why we have teamed up with nutrition experts and developed purely natural and nutrient-rich food and dietary supplements that fit our modern lifestyle. We call this: Smart Natural Food

Organic & sustainable

The 100% organic ingredients for our soups, bone broths and soup cleanses are from regional farmers operating their ecological and biodynamic farms sustainably. For full enjoyment with clear conscience.

Our philosophy & mission

Collagen-rich bone broth

Slowly simmered for 20 hours, our bone broths from grass-fed cattle or free-range chickens are rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins and provide natural collagen and aminos acids. Our beef bone broth from grass-fed cattle delivers 3,4g collagen per 100ml.

About bone broth

Souping: Soup Cleanse

Designed by Food & Health Coach Nadine our soup cleanses for 2, 4 or 6 days help you to relieve your body from toxins and provide it with important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

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What is special about our products?

We are committed to the clean eating principle. This means that all our soups are 100% organic, with no refined sugar, no thickening agents such as cornstarch, no wheat gluten and no additives or preservatives. And, of course, that also applies to our collagen-rich bone broth, granola and Switchel.

Bone broth

Bone broth was an integral part of the daily diet in many ancient cultures because of its high content of many different nutrients. Now bone broth is back and became the daily ritual of many health-conscious people.

And this is absolutely justified. Because the superfood of beef bones or chicken carcasses provides important nutrients such as amino acids, collagen and protein.

Our JARMINO bone broths are slowly simmered for 20 hours. As a base, we use a homemade organic vegetable broth. The bones come from organic grass-fed cattle or organic free-range chickens. When selecting the bones, we pay attention to high-collagen bones (including the ankle, patella, femur and foot bones)..

What our clients say

Detox Erfahrungen Unternehmerin

The JARMINO detox cleanse are optimal to get my body back on track. The high quality and the simplicity of the cleanses are great.

Tine, entrepreneur

JARMINO allows me to eat healthy and clean on days of shooting.

Eva Habermann, German actress

My girlfriend and I love the JARMINO soups and bone broth, since we both can simple choose what we want and not need to always cook ourself.

Quirin, sportsman

I recommend bone broth to many of my patients as a supplement to treatment and have had very good experiences with it.

Dr. Birgit Gergelyfy, Medical Doctor