Chicken bone broth (1x 1L)
Testimonial about the Broth from Beef Bones
Chicken bone broth (1x 1L)
Chicken bone broth (1x 1L)
Chicken bone broth (1x 1L)
Chicken bone broth (1x 1L)

Chicken bone broth (1x 1L)

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Bone broth chicken (1 liter Tetra Pak)

We boil our chicken bone broth from organic free-range chickens for 20 hours. This results in all the important minerals and nutrients such as protein, collagen, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans being released from the bones and bound in the broth. Our chicken bone broth in the Tetra Pak is allergen free.

For this chicken bone broth, we only use 100% organic chicken carcasses that come from chickens from organic farms in Finland that are raised in free-range conditions and without antibiotics. As we do not have a facility for filling into Tetra Paks in our production in Germany, the broth is produced according to our proven process at our partner company in Finland and filled into Tetra Paks.

For a balanced and great taste, we cook out fresh vegetables such as carrots, leeks and onions with the chicken carcasses.

The facts:

  • 21 g collagen per 1L
  • 30 g protein per 1L
  • Low in calories
  • Free from: Lactose, gluten, lead, arachidonic acid
  • Free from allergens
  • Histamine: <2.5 mg/kg

Our organic chicken bone broth is ready to eat. You can drink it at room temperature or slightly warmed or use it as a base for cooking.

The bone broth tastes delicious like a long-cooked chicken broth, but also provides the valuable minerals and nutrients from chicken carcasses.

How to use the chicken broth:

  • Drink pure for health reasons to supply minerals, collagen and amino acids.
  • Use as a base for hearty recipes such as soups, sauces, stews
  • Use as a base for protein- and collagen-rich shakes or smoothies
  • Consume as a liquid fasting cure or diet
  • Drink after fitness training as an alternative to artificial protein shakes

Chicken broth has also been of great importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many centuries due to its high nutrient content. Today, many doctors and alternative practitioners use bone broth as an adjunct therapy, for example for various intestinal disorders (such as leaky gut, Crohn's disease) or joint complaints.

    Nutrition facts in g per 100 ml

    kj 87
    kcal 20
    Total Fat 0,0
    thereof Saturated Fat
    Carbohydrates 1,1
    thereof sugars 0,3
    Protein 4,0
    Collagen 3,4
    Salt 0,5


    Water, chicken bones* (30%), onions*, carrots*, leeks*, salt, pepper*, bay leaves*, parsley*.

    *from controlled organic cultivation




    What is the difference between the bone broth in the jar and the one in the Tetra Pak?

    Both products are cooked for 20 hours and have the same high quality and the same content of minerals and nutrients such as collagen and amino acids.

    Only the recipe differs minimally. At the request of some customers with intolerances and allergies, we have omitted celery from the new broth in the Tetra Pak, so it is a great alternative for anyone who is allergic to celery.

    Do I need to refrigerate the broth?

    Unopened, you do not need to refrigerate our bone broth in the Tetra Pak. Once opened, please keep the broth in the fridge and consume within 3 days.

    What is the shelf life of the broth?

    Unopened, the bone broth has a shelf life of at least 8 months (12 months from production). Once you have opened the Tetra Pak, the stock will keep for at least 3 days in the fridge.

    How do I consume the chicken stock?

    The chicken stock is ready to eat, i.e. you can simply heat it up briefly and drink it or use it as the basis for delicious soups, sauces and stews.

    If you consume the chicken bone broth for health reasons, we recommend starting with approx. 175 ml at least 3 times a week. If you find that the bone broth does you good, you can increase the dosage at any time.

    What makes bone broth so valuable?

    By boiling for over 20 hours, valuable minerals and nutrients such as protein, collagen and amino acids are released from the bones and bound in the broth. Bone broth is therefore also called "liquid gold".

    Is the chicken broth free of lead or histamine?

    Yes, our bone broths are regularly tested in the laboratory, neither heavy metals such as lead nor histamine (<2.5 mg/kg) could be detected. 

    Can I drink bone broth during pregnancy?

    Yes, you can drink all our bone broths during pregnancy.

    How does the Tetra Pak compare to jarred broth in terms of packaging?

    An independent meta-analysis by the University of Applied Sciences Vienna comes to strong evidence for the superiority of the Tetra Pak in terms of global warming potential compared to alternative types of packaging.

    According to this analysis, beverage cartons leave a significantly smaller CO2 footprint compared to disposable glass. Due to the packaging and transport efficiency, as well as the aspect that beverage cartons are mainly made of renewable material (70-90% consist of cardboard), the CO2 value is 1/5 of the CO2 value of a one-way glass.

    Of course, this effect can only come into play if the beverage carton is disposed of in the yellow bag so that it can be recycled.

    If you consume large quantities of broth on a regular basis and order it by mail order, then the Tetra Pak can definitely bring environmental benefits. The transport weight is lighter and less packaging material is needed than with breakable glass.

    Where do the ingredients for the bone broth in the Tetra Pak come from?

    Since we do not have a plant for filling into beverage cartons in our production in Germany, this is done by our partner company in Finland. We get the organic chicken carcasses from ecological and sustainable farms in Finland.

    The chickens grow up in free-range conditions and without antibiotics.

    If you have any further questions, please send an email to

    Many positive experiences


    "The natural ingredients, the high collagen content and the minerals contained in the organic bone broths from JARMINO have convinced me."

    Dr. med. Birgit Gergelyfy
    Physician for internal medicine, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nutritional medicine

    "Bone broth has a great tradition in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The JARMINO products convince me especially because of their high quality by cooking for 20 hours."

    Dr. Male Bone Laing

    "I use JARMINO's products in the kitchen as a base for soups, sauces and meat and vegetable dishes. It is very good for me!"

    Carmen Bilau-Lehre

    "As a nutrition coach, I love recommending Bone Broth to my clients for quick meals when there's no time to shop and cook, and also as a fantastic ingredient that makes any dish more substantial in a nourishing sense."

    Gabriele Gürtler
    Nutrition and Health Coach

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Free-range in organic quality

    The carcasses for our chicken bone broth in the Tetra Pak are sourced from selected organic farms in Finland. As we do not have a Tetra Pak packaging facility at our production site in Bavaria, the broth is produced and filled by our partner farm in Finland. The chickens are kept free-range and grow up without antibiotics and other medicines.


    We take the "nose-to-tail principle" to its logical conclusion by processing what would actually be disposed of - chicken carcasses - into high-quality products for a balanced and healthy diet. In this way, we can usefully process the parts that are left over from the animal and to which no one pays attention.

    Developed by experts

    We have developed our natural BIO bone broths together with nutrition experts. All our bone broths are free from colourants, stabilisers, preservatives and anti-caking agents as well as GMO-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. So they deliver the nutrients in their natural, bioactive forms.

    Support a young start-up

    Are you interested in innovative products? You've come to the right place, because we are a start-up from Munich founded in 2015. Since then, we have been working every day with great passion on the development of new nutritional products that are rich in ingredients, optimally effective and have an outstanding taste.

    Would you like personal advice?

    Through individual advice, we are there to help you with challenges and questions. Simply call us on 089716723390 or email us at We will make your online purchase an interpersonal experience.

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