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Collagen NEW!!


Collagen NEW!!

  • Beef bones


    Beef bone broth powder from grass-fed cattle

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    Collagen rich

    8g collagen per serving

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    Protein rich

    9,4g protein per serving

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    Gluten free

    & non-GMO

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Organic collagen powder from beef bone broth

Our organic JARMINO collagen powder is made by dehydrating bone broth. We thereby only use beef bones from organic grass-fed cattle. Due to the gentle, purely thermal and mechanical processing, the amino acid chains remain. This product is for those who want to regularly provide their body with high quality collagen.
  • 8g collagen per serving
  • 9,4g protein per serving
  • 18 important amino acids
  • Gluten free & non-GMO

Organic collagen from beef bone broth


Per serving (10g)

Organic collagen: Gentle production

The unique production in a purely mechanical and thermal process makes the JARMINO organic collagen a clean label product. In contrast to hydrolyzed collagen, which is obtained enzymatically, nothing is added to our organic collagen during production. We only add 0.8% natural sunflower lecithin for better solubility.

The JARMINO collagen is therefore a pure organic product without additives, such as flavors or sweeteners. The naturalness of our organic collagen is reflected in a subtle beef flavor.

For muscles and bones*

JARMINO organic collagen, with 9.4g protein per serving, provides a balanced protein supply for active people who value sustainable production and aim to avoid allergens.
* EU Health Claim: Protein supports the maintenance of normal bones and the growth or maintenance of muscle mass.

JARMINO organic collagen contains many important amino acids, such as (per serving):
Glycine (2,0g) | Proline (1,2g) | Lysine (0,4g) | Arginine (0,7g) | Glutamic acid (1,1g)

Natural taste

The naturalness of our organic collagen powder can be recognized by its discreet beef taste, which can easily be covered by mixing in the organic collagen powder. For example, in smoothies, juices or protein shakes. It is also ideal for stirring in soups and sauces. So you can easily increase the nutritional value of each meal with collagen.

Organic collagen smoothie

Good solubility

Organic collagen powder can only be produced through our gentle process of dehydrating bone broth. Since this process preserves the amino acid chains rather than breaking them down into smaller fragments, as in the case of hydrolyzed collagen, the collagen retains its original firm consistency. Nevertheless, by adding some organic sunflower lecithin, we have achieved good solubility. With solid stirring or mixing, the powder dissolves well.

Organic collagen from bone broth

Organic collagen

Beef bone broth powder* (99,2%), sunflower lecithin* (0,8%) *from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional facts per 100g per serving (10g)
Energy 1734kJ/414kcal 176kJ/41kcal
Fat 3,7g <0,4g
thereof saturated fats 1,0g <0,1g
Carbohydrates 1,0g 0,1g
thereof sugar 0,0g 0,0g
Protein 94,2g 9,4g
Collagen; 80,4g 8,0g
Salt 3,0g 0,3g
Amino acid per 100g per serving (10g)
Alanine 8,7g 0,9g
Arginine 7,4g 0,7g
Aspartic acid 6,0g 0,6g
Cystine + cysteine <0,1g 0,0g
Glutamic acid 10,9g 1,1g
Glycine 19,8g 2,0g
Histidine 1,1g 0,1g
Hydroxyproline 10,1g 1,0g
Isoleucine 1,7g 0,2g
Leucine 3,7g 0,4g
Lysine 3,8g 0,4g
Methionine 0,9g 0,1g
Phenylalanine 2,3g 0,2g
Proline 11,9g 1,2g
Serine 3,4g 0,3g
Threonine 2,1g 0,2g
Thryptophane 0,36g 0,04g
Tyrosine 1,3g 0,1g
Valine 3,0g 0,3g

How do I use the collagen?

  • Trinken

    Stir into hot water, tea or other savory baverages

  • Eiswürfel

    Mix with smoothies, juices or shakes

  • Suppenbasis

    Cook with soups, stews or sauces

Collagen as food supplement

JARMINO organic collagen is a natural protein powder that provides the body with high-quality collagen on a daily basis.


In order to benefit sustainably from our organic collagen powder, we recommend you to take 10g of the collagen powder daily. Per serving, you will receive 8g of collagen and 9.4g of protein.

Recommended timing

  • Morning: In cereals, yogurts, tea or coffee
  • Stir in meals (e.g. soups, stews, sauces)
  • As a snack in shakes, smoothies or juices
  • After workout in your protein shake

Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissue, skin, hair, bones, joints, tendons and cartilage. The high protein powder is also perfect for low carb, keto, paleo or weight loss diets.

Worth knowing about JARMINO Collagen

  • What is special about JARMINO Collagen?

      Our JARMINO collagen consists of 100% organic ingredients and is produced by a gentle thermal and mechanical process. Real organic bone broth from grass-fed cattle is dehydrated and then ground to a fine powder. As a result, the amino acid chains are retained and are not broken down into fragments.

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    Which ingredients does the organic collagen contain?

      JARMINO Collagen is a pure organic product consisting of 2 ingredients: Organic bone broth powder and organic sunflower lecithin (only 0.8%, for better solubility). Free from additives, flavors or sweeteners. Sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO.

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    Why should I use the collagen?

      Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissue, skin, hair, bones, joints, tendons and cartilage. Collagen is a protein that helps maintain and build muscle mass and maintain normal bones. The high protein powder is also perfect for low carb, keto, paleo or weight loss diets.

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    How do I use the JARMINO Collagen?

      Stir the organic collagen into hot water or savory drinks. Mix with smoothies, juices or shakes or cook with stews, soups or sauces, if you want to avoid the subtle, natural beef taste.

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    What's the taste of the organic collage?

      Due to the purely thermal and mechanical production by dehydration of organic bone broth, our collagen has a subtle beef taste. This can easily be covered, for example, by mixing the organic collagen powder into smoothies, juices or shakes. It is also ideal for stirring in soups and sauces. So you can easily pimp every meal with collagen.

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    Is the collagen certified organic?

      Yes, all raw materials come from certified organic farming and our processing plant is also certified. The bones for our organic collagen powder come from grass-fed cattle.