Bone broth trial package (3x 350ml)

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Bone broth trial package

With this trial package you can try all three types of organic bone broth and then decide on your favorite type or types.

You get:
1x Organic beef bone broth (350 ml)
1x Organic chicken bone broth (350 ml)
1x Organic veal bone broth (350 ml)

Our bone broths are made from animal bones and connective tissue that are slowly cooked for 20 hours with herbs, vegetables and spices. Due to the long cooking, the bone broth contains valuable nutrients such as collagen, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans. More and more health-conscious people are drinking bone broth regularly.

What is special about bone broth:

  • Significantly higher nutrient content than an ordinary broth or stock
  • The collagen contained in bone broth is the structural protein of our bones, cartilage, joints, hair, skin and nails
  • More than 50% of our customers drink bone broth several times a week for health reasons

How do I use the bone broth?

  • Drink pure for health reasons and to fill your body with collagen, amino acids and minerals.
  • Use as a basis for smoothies, shakes or bowls to get your daily portion of collagen./strong>
  • Use the low carb and low calorie broth for nutrient supply or to fight hunger during a diet or feast.
  • Drink it as a natural source of protein after sports.
  • Use it as basis for delicious recipes, such as soups, stews, risottos or sauces.

Why collagen is so important?
Collagen is the most important protein in the human body and the basis for the structure of our bones, joints, muscles, skin, hair and nails. As the collagen production of our body decreases with age, it is important to supply the body with this essential nutrient.

However, modern food processing has virtually eliminated collagen from our diet. Or when was the last time you nibbled on an oxtail or chewed on a cow's ankle? We never suspect - and maybe you don't want to.

With our high-quality bone broths, we have found a way to restore collagen to the body in a natural and delicious way.

Beef bone broth
Due to the specific selection of the bones, our organic beef bone broth has a particularly high collagen content of 3.4g per 100ml. We obtain the bones for the broth from 12 organic farms in Bavaria and Tyrol. The animals live in pasture farming.

Chicken bone broth
The carcasses for our chicken broth are from certified organic free-range chickens that are kept in a manner appropriate to their species and can feed naturally. A spice mixture of sage, laurel and chilli ensures free breathing during the cold season.

Veal bone broth
Bones of grazing calves from organic farming. A mixture of spices according to St. Hildegard v. Bingen with Bertram, quendel and hyssop makes the calf bone broth particularly soothing. With only 8kcal per 100ml, our calf bone broth is lower in calories than comparable products.

Nutrition facts per 100g

Please take a look at the nutritional values of the individual varieties (beef, chicken, veal) in the individual products.



Please take a look at the ingredients of the individual varieties (beef, chicken, veal) in the individual products.





What is included in the tasting pack?

With our bone broth tasting pack you get one jar each of beef, chicken and veal bone broth.

Do I have to refrigerate the broths and what is the shelf life?

No, unopened, you can keep the broths unrefrigerated for about 18 months. Once opened, the broths will keep for at least 3 days in the refrigerator.

How do I use the broths?

Many of our customers drink the broths pure every day because of the many nutrients and for health reasons. But you can also use the broths as a delicious base for soups, sauces or stews. Even after sports, alone or mixed into a shake, the broths provide you with important proteins and amino acids.

Where is the production and where do the ingredients for the broths come from?

Our broths are produced in our manufactory in Bavaria. Our suppliers come from the region (Bavaria and Tyrol) and have been carefully selected by us. All of them practice organic and sustainable farming. Medicines and antibiotics are taboo, and the animals live on pasture for up to 300 days a year. Many farms are self-sufficient and also grow their own feed for the animals.

Are the broths free of heavy metals (e.g. lead) and histamine?

Yes, the broths are regularly tested in the laboratory and neither lead nor histamine could be detected. The broths are also free of gluten, lactose, arachidonic and various other fatty acids.

What makes bone broth so special?

It is the long cooking process over 20 hours. This releases the valuable nutrients and minerals from the bones and transfers them into the broth, making it a natural superfood.

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