Our claim

In our online shop you will not only find the most collagen-rich organic bone broths or the world's first organic collagen powder, with us you can also be sure that we act responsibly, for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. We attach particular importance to an animal-friendly and ethical production process.

What we do for it

Pasture-raised & grass-fed: We source the bones for our bone broths from twelve organic farms in Bavaria and Tyrol. The cattle grow up in species-appropriate, organic pasture husbandry, the chickens in free-range husbandry. Depending on the weather, the animals spend about 300 days a year on pasture. The cattle are fed exclusively on grass all year round.

Climate neutral: Our entire company is climate neutral. This means that we offset all emissions caused by our products and our company through recognised climate protection projects.

Upcycling: We think the "nose-to-tail principle" through to the end, in which we process what would actually be disposed of - bones and chicken carcasses - into high-quality products for a healthy and balanced diet. In this way, we can make good use of the parts that are left over from the animal and to which no one pays attention.


Taking responsibility together

With every purchase you support two important social and climate protection projects.

Clean drinking water

In India, more than two million children die of cholera or typhoid every year. Such diseases spread mainly through drinking water. But only 32 per cent of households in India have access to treated water. Many make do by boiling the water over an open fire. The resulting smoke in turn causes respiratory diseases, also sometimes fatal, or eye infections. Due to the high consumption of firewood, the region is becoming increasingly deforested. A simple and affordable supply of safe drinking water can make a big difference here. With this project, we support the chemical treatment of water in order to provide clean drinking water to as many people in India as possible and to counteract deforestation.

Stable mixed forest

This forest acts as a natural filter that cleans the rain, stores large amounts of rainwater, reduces soil erosion and protects against avalanches. Since this regional project does not bring certified emission reductions, additional support is given to a partner project on the Amazons, where 90,000 hectares of forest are protected from commercial logging.

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