Collagen and vegan alternatives as natural food supplements for health, fitness and beauty from within.


With our collagen powder, we have created the opportunity for you to consume collagen and amino acids in powder form. This creates variety when you can stir the collagen powder into your juice, coffee or smoothie in the morning. And you can consume it when you are on the go or work in the office; You no longer have to do without collagen.

Organic collagen

The JARMINO collagen powder in organic quality is produced by dehydrating bone broth. We only use bones from organic grass-fed cattle raised on pasture. Thanks to the gentle, purely thermal and mechanical manufacturing process, our Bio Collagen is a clean label product. This collagen powder is for all those who want to regularly supply their body with high-quality organic collagen.

Nutrients per serving:
✓ 9.4g protein
✓ 9.0g collagen
✓ 0.1g carbohydrates

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Organic collagen powder

Beauty Collagen

Our formula of bio-active collagen peptides (hydrolyzate) type I, II and III, micromolecular hyaluronic acid, fiber from the chicory root, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, biotin and zinc provides you with the most important nutrients for healthy and smooth skin. You not only stimulate the body's own collagen production, but also promote a healthy intestinal flora and thus avoid skin aging caused by inflammation.

Nutrients per serving:
✓ 10.3g protein
✓ 10.3g collagen
✓ 450mg hyaluronic acid

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Beauty Collagen drink

Vegan Skin Food

Our unique formula of scientifically proven phytoceramides, antioxidants, vitamin C and zinc improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and contributes to normal collagen formation for normal skin function. With JARMINO Vegan Skin Food you give the skin all the important nutrients it needs to keep it youthful. The Vegan Skin Food is the optimal addition to the Beauty Collagen or a great alternative for vegans.

Nutrients per serving:
✓ 30mg ceramides
✓ 27mg of vitamin C.
✓ 2.0g carbohydrates

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Vegan skin food

Collagen for a healthy body

Collagen is the most important protein in the human body and is the basis for the structure of our bones, joints, muscles, skin, hair and nails. Since our body's collagen production decreases with increasing age - from around 25 years of age - it is important to supply the body with this essential structural protein.

However, with modern food processing, collagen has virtually completely disappeared from our diet. With our high-quality collagen dietary supplement products, we have found a way to restore collagen to the body in a natural way.

Our tasteless collagen powders make it easy for you to incorporate collagen into your daily routine. Many of our customers swear by the positive effects of our collagen on the complexion, the strength of the hair and nails or use it as a lactose-free protein source for building muscle after exercise and for protecting bones and joints.

Pasture collagen

Our organic collagen is produced in a purely thermal and mechanical process. For this purpose, cattle bones from grazing are simmered in water for 20 hours, the resulting broth is dehydrated and ground to a powder. This is the only way to produce collagen in organic quality. We are proud to be the first on the market to go this way for you. As you can imagine, the production is very complex, hence the slightly higher price. This collagen powder is just right for all of our customers who want to consume pure organic collagen from bone broth.

We use collagen peptides for our Beauty Collagen. The high-quality collagen hydrolyzate is obtained enzymatically, since enzymes cannot be controlled, unfortunately an organic labeling is not possible. We also use raw materials from pasture for this collagen. Since the amino acid chains in the collagen peptides are split particularly wide, a high bioavailability can be achieved and very good solubility in all liquids. Our Beauty Collagen also contains hyaluronic acid and is therefore ideal for reducing the depth of wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.

How do I use collagen?

Our collagen powder and vegan skin food can be used very flexibly. You can simply mix the powder in water, juices, smoothies, tea, coffee or shakes or use it in cereals or bowls. Since collagen is heat-resistant, you can also use the collagen for cooking, e.g. in soups and sauces. Every meal can be enhanced with collagen.

Recipes with collagen

You will find many delicious recipes with collagen in our blog: Click here for the recipes.

Collagen from JARMINO

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