Bone broth

Our delicious organic bone broth is simmered for 20 hours, providing your body with minerals and nutrients such amino acids and glycosaminoglycans.

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For our bone broth, we select bones with high content of natural collagen and use our homemade vegetable stock as a base.

Buy our bone broth online, get it shipped directly to your door and enjoy it as part of a diet, your daily routine or a soothing drink in between. Our best bone broth provides you with all the nutrients you need.

What is bone broth?

Bone broth is a liquid broth slowly cooked for many hours, making it rich in nutrients and valuable for your health.

Organic bone broth

If you are searching for bone broth due to health and wellbeing reasons, you should only go for organic bone broth. A healthy bone broth is made only from all-natural ingredients. Make sure the bone broth you buy fulfills the following quality requirements, such as our JARMINO organic bone broth:

✓ Organic grass-fed bone broth: Comes from real grass-fed, pasture-raised cows
✓ Free from additives: No antibiotics, no added sugar, no conservatives
✓ Simmered for 20 hours: Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, collagen

Bone broth benefits

In many ancient cultures, homemade bone broth was part of the daily diet because of its many benefits for our body. Now it's back: ready to eat in a jar.

JARMINO bone broth is made from high quality bone (organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised), apple cider vinegar and pure, filtered water.

The benefits of bone broth: Bone broth contains various nutrients that can do good to your body good, e.g.:

Wrinkle-firming collagen and Hyaluron
Gut-healing glycine
Joint-protecting glucosamine and chondroitin
Natural protein
Minerals, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus
Simmered for 20 hours: Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, collagen

Beef bone broth

Is bone broth good for you?

Bone broth provides your body with amino acids and collagen that lack in our daily western diet.

A 2015 study (1) reported that the amino acid glycine in bone broth is a natural and safe way to get better sleep. People who take glycine before bed report sleeping better and being less tired the next day.

Glycine content of JARMINO bone broth:

Beef: 8.2g per 100ml
Chicken: 2,2g per 100ml
Veal: 2,3g per 100ml
Concentrate: 9.0g per 100g

Some amino acids in bone broth help to improve digestion. As a 2017 study shows, glutamine supplementation helps heal the intestinal barrier. In leaky gut syndrome, the intestinal lining is irritated, the body has a harder time digesting food and toxins can enter the bloodstream through the porous intestinal wall, which can lead to inflammation. This is where broth can help repair the intestinal barrier and promote gut health.

Glutamine content of JARMINO bone broth:

Beef: 4.7g per 100ml
Chicken: 1.5g per 100ml
Veal: 1,4g per 100ml
Concentrate: 5.0g per 100g

Chicken bone broth

Bone broth with collagen

Collagen in bone broth is the main structural protein of the body, but unfortunately our body loses the ability to produce it on its own from the age of 25. Therefore, we should include it in our daily nutrition, and the most natural form is bone broth with collagen.

Collagen content of JARMINO bone broth:

Beef: 3.4g per 100ml
Chicken: 1.1g per 100ml
Veal: 1.0g per 100ml
Concentrate: 37g per 100g

Veal bone broth

What to do with bone broth?

Bone broth can be used in various ways, such as drinking it pure or adding it to soups, sauces or stews. Anyway, it is recommended to start with 175 ml (1/2 glass) per day, three times a week, which corresponds to 6 glasses per month. Our customers have had very good experiences with this.

It is a natural and quick way to supply the body with anti-inflammatory amino acids and minerals. If you notice that it does you good, you can of course increase the amount at any time according to your goals.

If you don't have the time to spend a day or more making a pot of broth, our high quality, ready-to-eat broth in a jar is perfect for you.

Use cases:

Heat and drink warm straight from a cup
Use as a base for soups, stews and risottos
Add to fresh vegetables and enjoy asa snack
Freeze as cubes and add to smoothies
Use as a base for sauces

When things have to go fast: bone broth protein

Bone broth concentrate

How is JARMINO bone broth made?

Cooking time: 20 hours

Before you buy our bone broth, it is slowly cooked in our manufactory for 20 hours. This releases valuable nutrients such as amino acids and collagen from the bones and bone marrow. And the high percentage of collagen in our bone broth is visible, because collagen is turned into gelatin when it is heated! The collagen causes the broth to gel and solidify in the refrigerator. But don't worry, as soon as the bone broth is warmed up again, it becomes liquid again and can be drunk easily. The bone broth tastes wonderfully intense - just like a strong meat broth.

Quality ingredients

The bones for our bone broths come from organic grass-fed cattle from grazing, organic grass-fed calves from grazing and organic free-range chickens. The chickens naturally grow up free of hormones and antibiotics. In order to obtain as many high-quality ingredients as possible for our healthy bone broth, we use many collagen-rich bones from the neck, feet and femur. As a basis for the bone broth, which you can order in our online shop, we use a rich, homemade vegetable broth made from onions, carrots, celery and leeks for a great taste.

"Nose to Tail" principle

In accordance with the "nose to tail" principle, according to which as much as possible from a slaughtered animal is used, at JARMINO bones and chicken carcasses that would otherwise be disposed of are processed into high-quality bone broths for a healthy and balanced diet.

Climate neutral

JARMINO works in a climate-neutral manner; all emissions caused by our products and our company are offset through recognized climate protection projects.

Drinking bone broth

Bone broth to drink

Bone broth to drink is an easy and natural way to supply your body with important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

How much bone broth to drink?

We recommend drinking at least 175 ml (1/2 glass) bone broth per day three times a week and depending on your goals or if you feel well with the broth, you can always increase to one glass (350 ml) per day.

Benefits of drinking bone broth

At JARMINO, we work together with doctors and alternative practitioners, using the broth to support various therapies (e.g., Leaky Gut, Morbus Crohn, arthrosis treatments), and the benefits of drinking bone broth are amazing.

What does bone broth taste like?

Bone broth has a nice taste of meat, vegetables and some herbs, so it is nice to drink it pure. It simply tasted delicious and is soothing.

Bone broth is an ancient food

Bone broth reloaded! In many ancient cultures, bone broth was an integral part of the daily diet because of its valuable nutrients. Now it is back - as a bone broth to drink, it is becoming the regular ritual of many nutrition-conscious people. We simmer the bones for 20 hours, this releases the valuable collagen, amino acids and minerals from the bones.

Bone broth has been used by the most diverse cultures on earth for thousands of years. People have always used bone broth as the basis of soups and sauces or drink the broth as a soothing drink. Even the hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age drank bone broth in their caves. You can buy ready-to-eat organic bone broth in our online shop.

Bone broth in the Paleo diet

Paleo, also known as the Stone Age diet, is a type of diet that is based on the original diet of hunters and gatherers. Particular emphasis is placed on high food quality and sustainability, which is why we use un processed foods, without any flavorings, additives or preservatives. Principles that apply1:1 to our bone broths from grass-fed cattle and free-range chickens. Our rich broths made from bones are therefore a healthy paleo superfood that we provide ready-to-eat.

Paleo is the short form of Palaeolothikum, the Old Stone Age.The paleo diet is associated with a diet that is based on the principles of diet from the Stone Age. This means doing without food that was only available after the introduction of livestock and arable farming, as well as industrially produced and highly processed food. These include grain products, refined sugar, legumes, dairy products, highly processed vegetable fats and artificial additives. A large proportion of the Paleo diet therefore make up fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, eggs, meat and fish. Organic bone broth, for the production of which bones are boiled for 20 hours, is therefore a paleo slow food.

Pho soup with bone broth

Bone broth is a great basis for many delicious recipes.

The strong taste of our 20 hours of simmered broth makes this Vietnamese Pho soup a special highlight.

Where do the ingredients come from?

At JARMINO we stand for regionality, sustainability and transparency. We therefore obtain the ingredients for our bone broth primarily from southern Bavaria and Tyrol, from farmers who sustainably operate their biodynamic farms not far from our production site. So you can enjoy the bone broth that you order in our online shop with a clear conscience.

We obtain the chicken bones for our chicken bone broth from Naturland farmer Sebastian Kettenberger. Here the animals really grow up in a species-appropriate manner, even more than any organic regulation prescribes. There is plenty of exercise throughout the year and the animals are fed exclusively with home-grown grain. The organic farm Kettenberg is thus its own ecosystem. And you can taste this quality in our organic broth made from bones.

We get bones for our beef bone broth, among other things from the Gassner Landmetzgerei in Evenhausen, only 30 minutes by car from our manufactory. All bones come from certified organic grass-fed cattle from the Chiemgau region. The animals spend the summer in nature on the open meadow, in the cold winter months the cattle are kept in the free stall in a species-appropriate manner.

Ingredients bone broth

Bone broth in the low carb diet

With the low carb diet or diet, the proportion of carbohydrates in the daily diet is reduced. The aim of the low carb diet is usually weight loss or use as a general form of nutrition with preventive health effects. The low carb diet consists mainly of meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products. Fats and proteins, e.g. can be supplied through bone broth, replace the carbohydrates that are no longer available.

By boiling the bones for a long time, bone broth contains many important nutrients, including natural protein, minerals, healthy fats, collagen, and amino acids. Since it is important in the low carb diet to replace the nutrients that are missing due to the lack of carbohydrates, the rich bone broth is often integrated into the diet during the low carb diet. In our shop you can order 20 hours of boiled bone broth from beef, chicken or veal.

Bone broth in the low carb diet

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