Our delicious organic bone broth is simmered for 20 hours, thus all nutrients from the bones are transferred into the broth. The broth can be stored without refrigeration.

Buy Organic Bone Broth

✓ Organic bone broth cooked for 20 hours, produced climate neutrally.
✓ Natural source of collagen, protein and minerals.
✓ Low in carbohydrates and calories, gluten-free, lactose-free.
✓ As a regular drink or base for soups and sauces
✓ Powerful taste, keto and paleo superfood

Buy beef bone broth

Our beef bone broth provides extra collagen through our production process and 20 hours of cooking, and can be beneficial for the gut.

Nutrients per 100ml:

✓ 4.0g protein
✓ 3.4g collagen
✓ 20 kcal

Chicken bone broth

Chicken bone broth is known as grandma's remedy for colds. With sage, bay leaf and a little chilli, this also supports clear airways.

Nutrients per 100ml:

✓ 1.6g protein
✓ 1.1g collagen
✓ 11 kcal

Veal bone broth

We cook our veal bone broth according to a recipe of St. Hildegard von Bingen with the spices quender, hyssop and bergram.

Nutrients per 100ml:

✓ 1.5g protein
✓ 1.0g collagen
✓ 8 kcal

Bone broth concentrate

One jar of JARMINO Bone Broth Concentrate contains 44 servings of BIO bone broth.

Nutrients per 100g:

✓ 46g protein
✓ 37g collagen
✓ 44 à 10g servings per jar

Can bone broth support your gut?

In many ancient cultures, homemade broth was part of the daily diet because of its valuable minerals and nutrients. Now it is back: ready to eat in a jar.

JARMINO Organic Bone Broth is simmered for 20 hours with a touch of apple cider vinegar. The broth is made from the bones (organic pasture-raised, grass-fed) and pure, filtered water and is packed in 350 ml jars.

The benefits of bone broth:

- 20 hours cooked bone broth contains many natural nutrients that can do your body good, v.a.:
- Wrinkle-firming collagen and hyaluron.
- Gut-healing glycine
- Joint-protecting glucosamine and chondroitin
- Natural protein
- Minerals, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus

A 2015 study (1) reported that the amino acid glycine is also a natural and safe way to get better sleep. People who take glycine before bed report sleeping better and being less tired the next day.

Glycine content of JARMINO bone broth:

✓ Beef: 8.2g per 100ml
✓ Chicken: 2.2g per 100ml
✓ Calf: 2,3g per 100ml
✓ Concentrate: 9.0g / 100g

Some amino acids contained in the broth help digestion. As a 2017 study shows, glutamine supplementation helps heal the intestinal barrier. In leaky gut syndrome, the intestinal lining is irritated, the body has a harder time digesting food and toxins can enter the bloodstream through the porous intestinal wall, which can lead to inflammation. This is where bone broth can help the gut repair the intestinal barrier and promote gut health. Another study from 2017 shows that people with inflammatory bowel disease tend to have fewer amino acids in their bodies than healthy people.

Glutamine content of JARMINO bone broth:

✓ Beef: 4.7g per 100ml
✓ Chicken: 1.5g per 100ml
✓ Veal: 1,4g per 100ml
✓ Concentrate: 5.0g / 100g

Bone broth in daily nutrition

We at JARMINO recommend starting with 175 ml (1/2 glass) per day, three times a week, which corresponds to 6 glasses per month. Our customers have had very good experiences with this.

It is a natural and quick way to supply the body with anti-inflammatory amino acids and minerals. If you notice that it does you good, you can of course increase the amount at any time according to your goals.

If you don't have the time to spend a day or more making a pot of broth, our high quality, ready-to-eat broth in a jar is perfect for you.


- Heat and drink warm straight from a cup.
- Use as a base for soups, stews and risottos
- Add to fresh vegetables and enjoy as a snack
- Freeze as cubes and add to smoothies
-Use as a base for sauces

When things have to go fast: The bone broth powder

How is JARMINO bone broth made?

Cooking time: 20 hours
The bones are slowly cooked in our manufactory for 20 hours. This releases the valuable nutrients and minerals from the bones....

High quality ingredients
The bones come from organic grazing cattle and free-range organic chickens. The chickens are naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics. To obtain as many high-quality ingredients as possible, we use particularly high-quality bones from the neck, feet and femur. Our rich, homemade vegetable broth made from onions, carrots, celery and leeks serves as the base.

- We source the ingredients mainly from southern Bavaria and Tyrol, from farmers who run their biodynamic farms sustainably not far from our manufactory.

- For example, we get the chicken bones for our chicken bone broth from Naturland farmer Sebastian Kettenberger. Here, the animals grow up in a species-appropriate way, even more than any organic regulation prescribes. During all seasons, there is enough space for the animals to run around, and they are fed exclusively with home-grown cereals. The Kettenberg organic farm is thus its own ecosystem.

- The bones for our broth come from certified organic grazing cattle from the regions of southern Bavaria and Tyrol. The animals spend the summer in nature on the open meadow, and in the cold winter months they are kept in a species-appropriate loose housing.

"Nose to Tail Principle"
In accordance with the "nose to tail" principle, according to which as much as possible of a slaughtered animal is used, JARMINO processes beef bones and chicken carcasses, which would otherwise be disposed of, into high-quality products for a healthy and balanced diet.

Climate neutral
JARMINO operates in a climate-neutral manner; all emissions caused by our products and our company are offset by recognised climate protection projects - for sustainable enjoyment.

Bone broth in the low carb diet

In a low carb diet, the proportion of carbohydrates in the daily diet is reduced. The aim of the low carb diet is usually weight reduction or its use as a general form of nutrition with preventive health effects.

> (Short) Fasting with Bone Broth

In the low carb diet, you mainly eat meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products.

Since it is important in the low carb diet to replace the nutrients
Since it is important in the low carb diet to replace the nutrients that are missing due to the lack of carbohydrates, the rich bone broth is often integrated into the diet during the low carb diet.