Chicken bone broth (6x 350ml)

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Chicken bone broth

By simmering the chicken carcasses for 20 hours, our chicken bone broth is rich in nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, collagen and contains a lot of natural protein.

For our chicken bone broth we only use bones of organic free-range chickens from farmers like Sebastian Kettenberger - who farms sustainably. Sebastian Kettenberger grows the feed for the chickens himself on the organic farm in Bavaria. As the basis for our chicken bone broth, we use a homemade vegetable stock with lots of fresh organic vegetables, which we mainly get from the Chiemgau region in southern Bavaria, where we also produce.

Our chicken bone broth tastes delicious like a long-boiled poultry or chicken soup; but it additionally contains the nutrients from the chicken carcasses.

Facts chicken bone broth:

  • 3,9 g collagen per glass
  • Low calorie: Only 38 kcal per glass
  • Free from: Gluten, lactose, lead, histamine, arachidonic acid

Our chicken bone broths are ready-to-eat, the broth tastes best when slightly heated up.

How to use chicken bone broth?

  • Instead of coffee or a snack as a daily health ritual.
  • Supplement smoothies with the collagen and protein-rich chicken bone broth.
  • Use during a diet, fast or as a keto or paleo superfood
  • Natural protein intake after exercise (5.6g protein per 350ml glass)
  • Bone broth as a basis for delicious recipes (e.g. soups, sauces, risottos, stews)

You can find many delicious recipes with bone broth from chicken in our magazine: Knochenbrühe Rezepte

Nutrition facts in g per 100g

kJ 49
kcal 11
Total Fat 0,2
thereof saturated Fat
thereof sugars
Salt 0,1



chicken bones* (30%)

* from controlled organic cultivation




What is the difference between JARMINO bone broth and an ordinary chicken broth?

For our bone broth we boil chicken carcasses for 20 hours, this way minerals, collagen and amino acids from the bones are bound in the broth. The high nutrient density is what makes bone broth so special.

What is the shelf life of the broth and how should it be stored?

The broth can be kept unrefrigerated for 24 months from the time of production, and for at least 18 months when it reaches you. Once opened, store the broth in the refrigerator, where it will keep for at least 3 days.

How many jars of bone broth will I receive?

If you add the product to your shopping cart once, you will receive a box with 6 jars (350ml each) of organic bone broth.

Where are the ingredients for the chicken bone broth from?

The bone broth is produced in our manufactory in Chiemgau, the ingredients are sourced from 12 organic farmers from Bavaria and Tyrol. The chickens have free run and are fed naturally, free of antibiotics.

Is the broth tested for lead or histamine

Yes, the chicken bone broth is regularly tested in the laboratory and no lead or histamine has ever been detected. The broth is also free of fatty acids such as arachidonic acid.

What is healthy about chicken broth?

Chicken broth contains many nutrients such as glutamine, vitamins, zinc and iron that boost the immune system. 

I case of any further questions, just send us an e-mail

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