Fall Cleanse (5 days) by Beatriz Larrea

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Fall Cleanse (5 days) by Beatriz Larrea

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Beatriz Larrea is a holistic nutritionist and health coach living in Madrid. She has a master’s in sports nutrition and two specializations, the first one in Pediatric nutrition and the second in hormonal therapy.

Together with JARMINO she created this 5-Day-Cleanse to support the body´s detoxification pathways. The cleanse will temporarily remove foods that might trigger inflammation and digestive problems and introduce foods that are rich in minerals and nutrients, which ensure a healthy intestinal flora and help to eliminate and prevent inflammation in the body.

Liquid fasting is an essential component of the cleanse because it gives a break to the digestive system releasing energy that will be better used in repairing and detoxifying .

The principles of the 5-Day-Cleanse

  • Healing the gut by removing potentially allergenic foods and eating targeted foods that promote gut health.
  • Easing digestion to set free energy for important tasks such as reparation, detoxification and healing.
  • Reducing inflammatory processes and potential effects such as acne, wrinkled skin, digestive problems, weight issues, autoimmune diseases and depression (1).
  • Achieving metabolic flexibility by switching your body from burning glucose to fat, a cleaner source of energy which also improves weight loss.
  • Fasting for optimising the hormonal balance through a decrease of the insulin level, simulating fat burn and optimising your metabolism.

What you will receive with this 5-Day-Cleanse package:

  • Cleanse guide by health & nutrition coach Beatriz Larrea
  • Including healthy recipes for all 5 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 1 pack of JARMINO Beauty Collagen (450g)
  • 6x jars of JARMINO beef bone broth
  • 6x jars of JARMINO chicken bone broth

What you will eat during the Cleanse

After 14 hours of fasting you will have your first meal at 9 am: An energizing greens-and-berries smoothie with healthy fats and collagen-protein that will satisfy your hunger without spiking your blood sugar, while the berries and greens provide vitamins, minerals, and fibre that help your digestive system move along while giving you an energy boost. Not having food before 9 am increases your fasting window so you burn more fat, improve your hormonal profile and get the anti-aging effects of fasting.

For lunch you will have a soothing soup based on bone broth (3 of the 5 days) or a easy to digest vegan meal (2 of the 5 days). Enough protein, fat, antioxidants and fibre will nurture your body and ease your digestions.

If you feel hungry in the afternoon, open a jar of nourishing but low calorie bone broth, heat it and drink it slowly.  The broth will cut your cravings and will make you feel satisfied.

Enjoy your dinner before 19 pm. The soups we prepared for you consist of protein, healthy fats and fibre-rich vegetables. Having an early dinner will regulate your hunger hormones, improve insulin sensitivity and will enhance the effect of anti-aging hormones like melatonin. An easy to digest dinner also eases digestion, enhances the detoxification process and allows you to sleep better.

Your meal plan

  • Breakfast (9 am): Energizing smoothies with collagen, fiber and healthy fats.
  • Morning (until 11 am): Detoxifying herbal tea
  • Lunch (12-14 pm): Soothing bone broth based soup or easy to digest vegan meal
  • Snack (16 pm): A coup of nourishing bone broth
  • Dinner (until 19pm): Calming bone broth based soup

 We wish you a successful 5-Day-Cleanse. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email support@jarmino.de

Nutrition facts per 100g

Please refer to the nutritional values of JARMINO products on the individual product pages.



Please refer to the ingredients of the JARMINO products on the individual product pages. Additional ingredients can be found in the recipes of the 5-Day-Cleanse guide.



JARMINO products: Celery; Other allergens, e.g. nuts, may be present in individual recipes. However, you can leave them out when cooking.


Who is the 5-Day-Cleanse best for?

This 5-Day-Cleanse works great for anyone who wants a quick start to soothe the digestive system and to effectively start the body's detoxification process without spending hours in the kitchen.

The recipes we have prepared for you are simple and you get all the benefits of fasting without giving up food.

Do I have to stick to the recipes included?

To make your life easier, you will find all the recipes you need for the 5-Day-Cleanse in this guide. However, it is always possible to change the recipes for others, as long as they follow the foods allowed during the cleanse.

Will I be hungry during the Cleanse?

During the 5-Day-Cleanse you will eat 3 full meals a day, so you should not feel any or only have a slight feeling of hunger. If you do feel hungry, drink bone broth.

What How can I get the book as a PDF?

Immediately after ordering this package, download the PDF on the order confirmation page.

Does the plan promote weight loss?

The principles of this diet put your body in a favourable state for weight loss:

  • Shifting your body from glucose to fat burning.
  • Improving insulin response to blood sugar spikes helps balance blood sugar.
  • Fasting is a great route to simulate fat burning and optimise your metabolism.

Because it's only 5 days, you may not experience a large weight loss during the Cleanse, but if you maintain the principles afterwards, you will be able to promote weight loss.

If you have any further questions, please send a brief email to support@jarmino.de.

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