Fish bone broth (6x 350ml)
Fish bone broth (6x 350ml)
Fish bone broth (6x 350ml)
Fish bone broth (6x 350ml)

Fish bone broth (6x 350ml)

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Fish bone broth

Our fish bone broth from organic salmon from Ireland is cooked for 20 hours and thus contains plenty of nutrients and minerals. Star anise, fennel and celery give our fish broth its delicate flavor.

The wild water salmon grows up in flowing water on a sustainable fish farm in Ireland. Because of the good husbandry and the high water quality, the aquaculture of the fish farm is one of the best in the world.

  • Why organic salmon from aquaculture? - "Wild salmon is threatened with extinction, it is better not to buy it" (Verbraucherzentrale Bayern).
  • Wild salmon often comes from polluted stocks such as the Atlantic Ocean and is therefore neither healthier nor ecologically safer than salmon from aquaculture.
  • With organic salmon, the consumer can be sure that no chemicals have been added and the salmon have not been treated with antibiotics.

Facts fish bone broth:

  • Sugar-free: 0.0 g sugar per jar
  • Low in calories: Only 14 kcal per jar
  • Free from: Gluten, lactose, lead, histamine, arachidonic acid

Our organic fish bone broth is ready to eat. The broth tastes best, when slightly heated up.

How do I use fish bone broth?

  • Drink pure as a daily health ritual to supply your body with nutrients and minerals.
  • Refine smoothies with the nutrients of organic fish bone broth.
  • Use as a low-calorie nutrient supplier during a diet or fasting cure.
  • Use as a base for delicious recipes, e.g. soups, sauces, bouillabaisse.

Nutrition facts in g per 100 ml

kj 15
kcal 4
Total Fat 0,0
thereof Saturated Fat
Carbohydrates 0,1
thereof sugars 0,0
Protein 0,8
Salt 0,4


Salmon carcasses* (19%)
Star arnise*

* from controlled organic cultivation




How do I use the fish bone broth?

You can drink the fish bone broth pure to supply minerals and nutrients such as iodine or use it as a base for delicious soups and fish sauces.

Where do the ingredients for the fish bone broth come from?

Our fish bone broth is made from organic salmon carcasses. We source these from a sustainable salmon farm in Ireland. The vegetables come from organic farmers in the region around our production in Bavaria.

Why do you not use wild salmon?

Since wild salmon is threatened with extinction, we have clearly decided against using wild salmon in our fish bone broth. With organic salmon from aquaculture, we can also ensure that the salmon is free of unhealthy residues and no chemicals are used.

How many jars will I receive?

This product is a package of 6 jars (350 ml each) of homemade organic fish bone broth.

Why is the fish broth cooked for 20 hours?

By boiling at low temperature for 20 hours, the valuable minerals and nutrients are dissolved from the fish carcasses and pass into the broth. The fish broth therefore not only saves a lot of time in cooking, but also provides the body with nutrients and energy.

Is the fish broth free of histamine?

Yes, the fish broth was tested in the laboratory and no histamine could be detected.

I case of any further questions, just send us an e-mail

Many positive experiences


"The natural ingredients, the high collagen content and the minerals contained in the organic bone broths from JARMINO have convinced me."

Dr. med.Birgit Gergelyfy
Physician for internal medicine, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nutritional medicine

"At our Bodenseeklinik, Germany's #1 beauty clinic, you can buy JARMINO products with collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Gloria Mang

"I use JARMINO's products in the kitchen as a base for soups, sauces and meat and vegetable dishes. It is very good for me!"

Carmen Bilau-Lehre

"As a nutrition coach, I love recommending Bone Broth to my clients for quick meals when there's no time to shop and cook, and also as a fantastic ingredient that makes any dish more substantial in a nourishing sense."

Gabriele Gürtler
Nutrition and Health Coach

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Los Angeles, CA

White water salmon from Ireland

The wild water salmon for our fish broth grow up in a sustainable fish farm in Ireland. The fish farm is one of the best in the world because of the particularly good conditions in flowing water and the high water quality. JARMINO quality management inspects the farm at regular intervals and all products are tested in an independent laboratory for heavy metals and antibiotics, among other things.


We live the "nose-to-tail principle" to the end by processing what would actually be disposed of - fish carcasses - into a high-quality organic broth for a balanced and healthy diet. In this way, we can usefully process the parts that are left over from the fish and to which no one pays attention.

Developed by experts

We have developed our natural BIO bone broths together with nutrition experts. All our bone broths are free from colourants, stabilisers, preservatives and anti-caking agents as well as GMO-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. So they deliver the nutrients in their natural, bioactive forms.

Support a young start-up

Are you interested in innovative products? You've come to the right place, because we are a start-up from Munich founded in 2015. Since then, we have been working every day with great passion on the development of new nutritional products that are rich in ingredients, optimally effective and have an outstanding taste.

Would you like personal advice?

Through individual advice, we are there to help you with challenges and questions. Simply call us on 004989716723390 or email us at We will make your online purchase an interpersonal experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Super quality, everything perfect

Super quality, everything perfect

Like it

The fish broth enhances the flavor of fish, so it's great for fish soups and sauces

Olive F.
very good

it's great for fish soups and sauces

Bruce Jackson
Check where and how this is sourced.

Noteworthy have a huge comprehensive article about the terrible condition of aquaculture off Irelands shores.
The salmon in circular pens are loaded with lice, to get rid of these lice they plunder Wrasse to clean up the lice and disease.
Some of these fish escape and have a hugely detrimental impact on wild salmon and trout.
The information is out there.

Super foundation

I always use very gladly! The fish bone broth enhances the taste of fish when consumed and is therefore excellent for fish soups and sauces

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