Immune Collagen (450g)

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Immune Collagen

JARMINO Immune Collagen to strengthen your immune system

You want to strengthen your immune system? Then you should provide your body with missing micronutrients and at the same time do something for the health of your intestine - because, 80% of our immune system is located in the intestine.

Although a healthy gut is essential for a strong immune system, gut health has not played a role in immune supplements until now. We have therefore sat down with doctors, alternative practitioners, intestinal and nutritional experts and developed a unique, natural 5-component immune product with which you can give your body back missing nutrients and strengthen your immune system holistically.

JARMINO Immune Collagen from pasture-raised animals provides your body with the 5 essential components for a strong immune system:

  • Collagen types I,II and III & amino acids: collagen hydrolysate, L-glutamine
  • Vital mushrooms: Agaricus Blazei, Chaga
  • Medicinal plants: Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra), ginger, lemon
  • Multi-vitamins: Vitamin A, C, D3, K2, E, B6, B12
  • Minerals & trace elements: Zinc, selenium  

Collagen & amino acids: Due to our western diet, with too much carbohydrates and sugar, it is assumed that about 70% of people suffer from a damaged intestinal mucosa (so-called leaky gut syndrome). This means that vitamins and nutrients can no longer be properly utilised in the intestines and toxins and bacteria can escape from the intestines and cause inflammation in the body. The inflammations can not only lead to various diseases, but also damage the defences and thus our immune system. Collagen and the amino acid L-glutamine help to protect the intestines and repair the intestinal mucosa.

Vital mushrooms have a millennia-old significance in traditional Chinese teachings. They provide a variety of nutrients and vital substances. The most important are the polysaccharides found in the mushrooms with their immunomodulating properties; here, beta-glucans in particular play an important role in activating the immune system. Vital mushrooms also contain all 8 essential amino acids.

Medicinal plants: Elderberry and ginger are long known and the flavanoids and antioxidants they contain are effective home remedies for fighting cold viruses.

Vitamins, minerals & trace elements are enormously important for our health and immune system. Unfortunately, according to the nutrition report of the German Nutrition Society (DGE), our daily diet does not provide us with the amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that our body needs. In cooperation with nutrition experts, we have therefore combined the nutrients in the right dose for you, which most people lack.

Details of the ingredients in our Immune Collagen:

Collagen (types I, II, III; 5g per portion) from pasture-raised animals: Supplies many important amino acids that protect the intestine and support the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.

L-glutamine (2.5g per portion): Vital energy supplier for immune and intestinal cells. The amino acid helps synthesise glutathione, the body's most important antioxidant, and also has a positive effect on the intestinal mucosa.

Vital mushroom Agaricus Blazei: The beta-glucans contained in the vital mushroom activate the immune system. In addition, the medicinal mushroom has an anti-inflammatory effect on the organism.

Vital mushroom Chaga: The vital mushroom works against inflammations and strengthens the immune system.

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra): The flavanoids it contains have an anti-viral effect.

Ginger: The antioxidants in ginger stimulate the immune system and thus support the defence against disease.

Zinc: A zinc deficiency weakens the immune system. Approximately 30% of people do not consume enough zinc through their food (source: DGE = German Nutrition Society).

Selenium: Selenium is a very important trace element for the immune system. As a rule, we only consume 50% of the amount of selenium recommended by the DGE through our diet.

Vitamin C: Supports the immune system, protects cells from oxidative stress and boosts the body's own collagen production. However, the vitamin C intake of about 30 % of adults is below the recommendations of the DGE.

Vitamin A: Is necessary for the function of the immune system and for the maintenance of the intestinal mucosa. Up to 30% of people do not reach the intake recommended by the DGE through their diet.

Vitamin D3: A total of 82% of men and 91% of women do not reach the recommended daily intake of 10 to 20 µg vitamin D.

Vitamin K2: Supports the positive effects of vitamin D3.

Vitamin E: Helps protect cells from oxidative stress. 48% of people do not reach the recommended supply.

Vitamin B6: Up to 16% of people do not reach the adequate supply.

Vitamin B12: Up to 26% of people do not reach the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.

B vitamins regulate the specific immune defence.

Honey is said to have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-allergic effects, thus strengthening the immune system.

Nutritional information per 100g

kj 1.376
kcal 329
Fat 0,2
thereof saturated fatty acids 0,1
thereof sugar 10,4
Protein 45,9
Collagen 33,3
Salt 0,5

Nährwerte jarmino Immun kollagen


Collagen hydrolysate (33%)
Lemon juice powder (20%)
Honey powder
L-Glutamine (17%)
Black elderberry juice powder (Sambucus nigra) (7%)
Agaricus Blazai Extract (1%)
Chaga Extract (1%)
Natural flavours
Ginger powder
Vitamine C
Vitamine E
Zinc bisglycinate
Vitamine B6
Vitamine A
Vitamine K2
Vitamine D3
Vitamine B12




Is collagen healthy?

Yes, collagen is a natural protein that our body produces itself. It supports the body in many important tasks and protects against diseases. Unfortunately, however, the body's own collagen production decreases rapidly at an early age (from 25 years).

How does the immune collagen taste?

The immune collagen powder has a delicious elderberry-lemon flavour when dissolved in water, similar to a fruit tea.

How do I use the Immune Collagen?

To strengthen your immune system, take 15g of Immune Collagen daily. The easiest way is to dissolve the collagen in hot or cold water and drink it. Alternatively, you can also add the collagen powder to your juice, smoothie, shake, tea or muesli.

How long does a pack of Immune Collagen last?

One tin contains 30 daily portions of 15g immune collagen. If you take the powder daily, one tin will last you exactly one month. For a regular supply, you can also order the immune collagen from us on a subscription basis, in which case you will automatically receive a tin every month.

Which collagen types are included?

The collagen powder contains collagen types I, II and III.


What does grass-fed, paisture-raised mean?

In the case of our immune collagen, grazing means that the cattle from whose hides the collagen is extracted spend up to 300 days a year on pasture (depending on the weather) and are fed grass.

What is special about JARMINO Immune Collagen compared to other products for the immune system?

We have developed Immune Collagen as a holistic formula for the immune system in cooperation with doctors and nutrition experts. This means that you don't really need to take any other food supplements in addition to Immune Collagen, as the powder contains all the important ingredients. What's unique about our Immune Collagen is the additional focus on gut health. 80% of our immune system is located in the gut, so we believe one of the most important roles of an immune product is to promote gut health. With natural collagen and the amino acid L-glutamine in our Immune Collagen, this is possible.

If you have any further questions, just give us a quick call on 089-716723390 or send an email to

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