Veal bone broth (6x 350ml)

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Pasture collagen

High in protein

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Veal bone broth

Hildegard v. Bingen broth: Our organic veal bone broth is simmered for 20 hours, thus valuable nutrients such as collagen, amino acids & minerals are released from the bones and bound in the broth.

For our veal bone broth we only use bones from calves from organic farming. We especially use bones with a high collagen content (calf's feet, ankles, patella & thighbones).

As a basis for our veal bone broth we cook a homemade vegetable stock from organic vegetables. We obtain our ingredients from farmers in the region around our production in Bavaria. Due to a recipe with spices (e.g. Bertram, Quendel, Hyssop) according to Hildegard v. Bingen, our veal bone broth is especially beneficial for your body.

Facts veal bone broth:

  • 3,5 g collagen per jar
  • Collagen building amino acids: glycine (2,3g/100ml), proline (1,2g/100ml), lysine (0,5g/100ml)
  • Other important amino acids: arginine (0,8g/100ml), glutamine (1,4g/100ml)
  • Low in calories: only 28 kcal per jar

Drink the bone broth regularly pure as a source of collagen or use the broth as a base for soups, sauces or hearty smoothies.

How do I use the veal bone stock?

  • Drink it pure as a daily health ritual to supply the body with collagen, amino acids and vitamins.
  • Enhance smoothies with minerals, collagen and protein of the bone broth.
  • Use bone broth for a diet or fasting cure (only 28 kcal per 350ml).
  • As a natural source of protein and amino acids after exercise.
  • As a basis for tasty recipes (e.g. soups, sauces, stews or risottos)<.>

Nutrition information in g per 100g

kJ 36
kcal 8
Total Fat 0,2
thereof Saturated Fat
Carbohydrates 0,3
thereof Sugars
Protein 1,5
Collagen 1,0
Salt 0,5


Veal bones* (24%)
Tomato paste*
Stone salt*

* from controlled organic cultivation



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