Bone broth and good sleep

Bone broth and good sleep

Bone broth before sleep

Good sleep is important

Sleep belongs to the most important bases of our health, is however unfortunately often underestimated in our hectic time. However, sleep, together with good nutrition, stress management and fresh air, is at the top of the recovery pyramid.

According to the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM), many Germans sleep too little or too badly. Sleep disorders are a widespread phenomenon that many Germans struggle with every night. However, one should sleep at least seven hours per night in order to recover sufficiently.

When we sleep, our body regenerates itself. If we do not sleep enough, this can have a negative effect on our memory, our ability to concentrate, our mood and our mobility and performance in sports.

There are of course numerous reasons why we do not get enough sleep: Stress at work, a restless child, anxiety, social obligations, etc. Many of these factors we cannot influence at all, but when it comes to switching off and relaxing, we can certainly intervene.

Can bone broth help me sleep?

There are many remedies that can help you fall asleep, but unfortunately most of them are not safe or free from side effects. In addition, you often feel dizzy the next day. Bone Broth is said to offer a natural option here.

Bone broth and sleep quality

Glycine is an amino acid that can be found in bone broth. Glycine has long been known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain stem and spinal cord (1). It is the primary neurotransmitter that inhibits sleep cycle motor neurons during active sleep (2). Taken before bedtime, it improves sleep quality, effectiveness, latency and reduces daytime drowsiness and fatigue in people struggling with insomnia (3). Drinking bone broth before bedtime can therefore be a valuable source of glycine and thus for a good sleep.

Bone broth as a sleep ritual

We humans are creatures of habit and many of us love certain rituals before going to bed. Such rituals can be reading a book or drinking something warming and beneficial - such as a bone broth.

Tips for falling asleep:

  • Do not look at a screen for an hour before going to sleep: The blue light of the devices disturbs our sleep.
  • Don't read anything too exciting that could tear your body out of a relaxed mode.
  • Go to bed at an appropriate time: researchers have found that we have the best regenerative sleep between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.
  • Get into the habit of a relaxing sleep ritual before going to bed, such as a short walk, meditation, yoga, a warm bath or a good book. And don't forget the bone broth, which provides you with many nutrients and vitamins.
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