How much bone broth a day can you drink?

How much bone broth a day can you drink?

It is recommended to drink 175 ml to 350 ml of bone broth daily. A high quality organic bone broth that has been cooked for 20 hours contains enough collagen in this amount to adequately supply the intestine and body.

Permanent use or just for a cure?

We should integrate bone broth permanently into our diet, but a cure with bone broth can also make sense if there is a health need or at regular intervals.

The collagen contained in bone broth is the most important structural protein of our body and essential for the structure of our bones, joints, skin, hair and nails. Unfortunately, our body gradually loses the ability to produce collagen itself at a very early age - from around 25 years of age. In addition, collagen is practically no longer present in our modern diet and because of food processing.

Bone broth or an organic collagen powder made from bone broth are the most natural and highest-quality ways of replenishing the body with collagen. It is therefore recommended to integrate bone broth into your daily life. Anyone who drinks 175-350 ml of bone broth daily not only supplies the body with sufficient collagen, the bone broth also provides important minerals and vitamins. This is important because many foods today are significantly less nutritious than in the past. This loss of nutrients can be counteracted with bone broth, which also contains magnesium, calcium or folic acid.

There are many options for taking bone stock permanently. You can drink the bone broth pure, use it as a basis for soups and sauces or complete a juice, shake or smoothie with it. In this way you always ensure a sufficient supply of collagen.

A cure with bone stock is again a very interesting way to relieve the body for 21 days. The diet with bone broth is suitable for fighting inflammation in the body and to cleanse the intestines.

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