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Bone broth reviews

We have been selling our organic and ready made bone broths since 2016 and our whole team is overwhelmed by the many positive opinions of our customers, for which we would like to thank you very much today!


Your positive feedback is the most important element for us to continue to convince new customers of our bone broths. We would like to thank you very much for this advance of trust and will do justice to it through quality and personal consultation.

We promise you that!

What our customers say about our bone broth (No. 3 impressed us especially)

In the last months and years we have received many reviews about our bone broth from our customers. Today we would like to present you some of these experiences with bone broth:

Kai from Gelnhausen

"The organic quality bone broth is fantastic. My family uses it to "enhance" the taste of many dishes and at the same time does something for their health. We also want to do something about Leakey Gut and with Jarmino's bone broth we have a delicious ingredient for many dishes. The bone broth is puristic, without taste enhancers. We have been regular customers for more than a year and order a stock for several weeks, always with good experience of the quality of Jarmino products.

Gabriele from Munich

"I am a fan of Jarmino and the bone broths... first of all I would like to congratulate you on this fine, very tasty product! I like it very much, it does me good and for this reason I have been using your practical and attractively priced subscription for some time now. Very customer-friendly and innovative I find the possibility that I can manage the subscription myself. If the delivery does not fit because you are not there..., just change it yourself quickly! Well, that had to be said!

Marie from Berlin

"JARMINO Organic Bone Broth from pasture cattle has been part of my daily diet for 3 months now. Unfortunately, I am suffering from leaky gut and my doctor has recommended that I protect my intestines with bone broth. That's why I immediately decided to subscribe to the subscription, where I receive a 10% discount with every delivery. The broth has a great taste and is perfectly balanced with the vegetables and spices. I'm not really a big meat eater, but the broth is really very tasty. I like to drink the broth pure, just hot from the cup, or use it for cooking. By the way, it is also good for my intestines, my leaky good is getting better and better. So I will definitely keep at it."

Jörg from Dortmund

"Friends of mine produce almost everything themselves, in sometimes lengthy, elaborate processes and stored in a refrigerator specially used for this purpose. With them I also tried broth from very long boiled bones for the first time, of course in organic quality and I was not only delighted with the taste. Extremely tasty, low in calories and also rich in protein. Since the effort itself is too time-consuming for me, I decided to try JARMINO chicken bone stock and tried it immediately after delivery. It is in no way inferior to the homemade broth of my friends, it tastes even better to me. I think it could be the use of bay leaves and chili, because my friends don't use these ingredients. The broth is very tasty, but not too salty like traditional instant products. It's just right for me, whether cold or warm, but even when slightly diluted it still tastes extremely good. After sports I like to drink broth frequently, whether cold or lukewarm, depending on the season. And with half a glass of this bone broth after training, I definitely do something really good for my body".

E.S. from Düsseldorf

"Super broth, not only for ketogenic nutrition. I discovered this broth during my dietary change. It actually really "brought me forward" and helped me to bridge the first period of "feeling a bit tired". Organic quality in taste, consistency and effect (beef and chicken broth)!

Rüdiger from Dresden

"The taste of this bone broth is very good. The ingredients used give you a good feeling when you eat it. In terms of price, this bone broth is also in no way inferior to other brands. All in all I am very happy with this product!

Dustin from Hamburg

"The broth has a pleasant and natural taste, a high sustainability and is certified organic. The shipment was fast. There is no question that you can make such a bone stock yourself, but nevertheless I always like to have it in reserve for sick days.

K.E. from Stuttgart

"A super great and delicious product from Jarmino. It is simply a premium product with a super price/performance ratio and a great taste! Easy to prepare and great for the skin and figure. Keep it up. Clear purchase recommendation."

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