Collagen against wrinkles

Collagen against wrinkles

Collagen is the big trend of recent years when it comes to fighting wrinkles. Collagen is the most important structural protein of our body and is essential for the tone and elasticity of our skin. Unfortunately, from the age of 25 onwards, our body gradually loses the ability to produce collagen itself and the collagen is broken down. Our skin begins to age and wrinkles start to form.

For beautiful, smooth skin, there are both creams with collagen and dietary supplements. But what really works?

Do collagen creams work against wrinkles?


The answer is quite simple, the collagen molecules are too large to reach the lower layers of the skin.

Therefore, anti-wrinkle creams are not suitable for absorbing collagen.

Hyaluronic acid, a second major selling point of many anti-wrinkle cream manufacturers, cannot be absorbed through the skin either.

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Wrinkles increase with age

Strengthen skin from within

The situation is completely different with collagen for drinking against wrinkles.

After oral administration, the body can break down the collagen into amino acids, which then form new collagen in the body.

In combination with a few other natural ingredients, collagen for drinking can work wonders against wrinkles. Besides collagen are especially important:

Hyaluronic acid: Binds water and ensures elasticity and firmness of the skin.
Vitamin C: Stimulates the body's own collagen production again.
Biotin, zinc: Contribute to normal skin function.
Fiber (e.g. inulin from the chicory root): Promotes a balanced intestinal flora to prevent inflammation-related skin aging.
Apple vinegar: Prevents skin impurities and protects the intestine from pathogens.
3-fold effect against wrinkles:

With JARMINO Beauty Collagen you supply your body with high-quality collagen and at the same time stimulate the body's own collagen production through vitamin C.

In addition, collagen, apple vinegar and dietary fiber from the chicory root support a healthy intestinal flora and prevent skin aging caused by inflammation. The micronutrients biotin and zinc additionally contribute to the normal preservation of the skin.

Opinion to collagen of Clean Eating Expertin Katharina Greier "With the Beauty collagen we created an holistic formula for beauty from the inside. Besides supplying the body with collagen and hyaluron we support a healthy intestinal flora to prevent skin aging due to inflammatory reactions. Because for us, beauty begins in the intestine. Katharina Greier, nutrition expert
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