Today it is more topical than ever to effectively deacidify your body. Everywhere around us we are exposed to toxins - environmental toxins, toxins from food, water, our homes, our clothes. Not all harmful substances are excreted again, many remain in the body and are stored. In some cases this leads to chronic and even incurable diseases. Many suitable measures, such as an alkaline cure, enable deacidification and detoxification (detoxication) and thus protect against further over-acidification of the body. After all, the key to health lies in the balance of the acid-base balance.

When is deacidification of the body indicated?

A deacidification through a base cure is basically indicated when the body is over-acidified, i.e. the acid-base balance of the body has shifted too much into the acidic range.

Deacidification - When is an overacidification of the body?

The human body consists of 80 percent bases. Today's diet often contains more acids than the body can process. An overacidification of the body is measurable. The acid content in the blood is measured with the pH value. If the pH value is 7.4, it is in the basic range. If the pH-value falls below 7.3, there is an overacidification. If the pH value is permanently in the acidic range, health can suffer demonstrably. The doctor speaks of a chronic acidosis. A deacidification, for example by an alkaline cure, should then take place urgently.

What are the causes of acidosis?

Causes of chronic acidosis are the intake of too many acid-forming foods and drinks and an insufficient capacity of the body to deacidify. During the metabolism of the nutrients protein, carbohydrates and fats, acids such as carbon dioxide, organic acids and sulphuric acid are produced. Through exhalation, the body frees itself from carbon dioxide and the remaining acids are processed by the liver. A habitual consumption of empty carbohydrates (white flour products, cakes, sweets, snacks, etc.) and of animal protein blocks the "normal" course of metabolism and leads to hyperacidity of the organism. Therefore, the body should be deacidified regularly.

What factors lead to hyperacidity?

To the same extent, factors such as lack of physical exercise, too little drinking, smoking and some medications (acetylsalicylic acid the so-called ASS) can trigger increased acid formation and thus hyperacidity. Finally, chronic disease of organs such as the lungs, kidneys and digestive organs can also affect the natural elimination of excess acids (natural deacidification).

A further circumstance, namely stress, equally favors an acidic metabolic situation. The nerves are irritated and the body becomes over-acidified by the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline. This makes the individual irritable, hypersensitive and one literally becomes acidic. In this case you should think about an alkaline cure.

What is the effect of acidosis?

The organism uses the necessary buffer systems, for example in urine and blood, to bind excess acids to certain proteins. The buffer systems are closely linked to the excretory functions of the kidneys, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. As soon as these systems are overloaded, the functional balance of the organism changes. The excess metabolic products are stored in special storage locations.

The storage locations of the waste products (i.e. deposited acids and toxins neutralized with minerals and trace elements) are the fatty and connective tissue, muscles, tendons and joints. Over time, the elasticity of the connective tissue, cartilage, vision, ligaments and muscles is significantly impaired.

What symptoms does the body show in the case of hyperacidity?

Symptoms of hyperacidity of the body are headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, listlessness. Disturbances in the biological processes of the gastrointestinal tract, changes in the skin, brittle nails, hair loss and unpleasant bad breath are possible signs of an excessively high pH value. In people who are exposed to daily stress, the biological balance can be extremely shifted. If these symptoms occur, it is recommended to deacidify the body thoroughly with the help of an alkaline base treatment.

Deacidification: What is the goal of an alkaline treatment?

A deacidification of the body in the form of an alkaline cure is carried out to maintain the acid-base balance. In a gentle way, the stored acids can be neutralized and thus the body deacidified. The body regains the function to detoxify itself. The goal of deacidification with the help of an alkaline cure is to achieve a slightly alkaline blood pH value. This benefits the immune system, which is located in the digestive system. A balanced acid-base ratio ensures that the correct pH value prevails in every area of the body for the processes taking place there. Regular deacidification is a supporting aid for the organism to maintain the physiological balance.

How is a base cure for deacidification planned?

An alkaline treatment is not subject to a fixed schedule. You decide how much time you have available for the base cure. Alkaline treatments are often offered in wellness hotels or clinics. If you are starting an alkaline cure for the first time, whether in a wellness hotel or at home, ideally choose a period of up to seven days.

Alkaline cure - the natural deacidification for body and soul

An alkaline cure is a detoxification therapy. This means that the body is first detoxified and deacidified by harmful metabolic products. The body is poisoned on the one hand by today's mostly one-sided diet, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. On the other hand, too little sleep, hardly any exercise, stress and the environmental pollution present on all sides attack the organism. With a base cure the organism is given impulses to let the deacidification organs run at full speed. This means that all toxins and heavy metals are filtered out of cells, tissue and organs.

The base treatment supports the internal organs, which are responsible for the digestion and decomposition of the metabolic products produced, in their deacidifying task. These are the liver, intestines and kidneys. The blood is filtered through them. The liver is the most important metabolic organ of the human organism. It utilises the nutrients from food, excretes superfluous metabolic products via the kidneys and intestines and breaks down alcohol and medicines.

Base cure for deacidification: At home or a stay in a cure clinic?

The base cure for deacidification in a cure clinic
If you want to detoxify and deacidify during a spa stay, the first step always leads to the doctor. Only after a detailed examination and with the doctor's approval will you begin an alkaline cure in a clinic. This is the safe way to promote health and not to harm it.

An alkaline cure in a hotel or a spa clinic has several advantages. There is a wide range of wellness treatments on offer and they are available daily. Allow yourself the time for relaxation and rest that you need to regenerate - without the stress of everyday life.

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the meals that are prepared for you according to the detox dietary plan for deacidification.

The contact to other course participants offers the possibility to distract yourself and to talk. This can have a beneficial effect on deacidification - in company the incentive to persevere is greater, conversation partners feel along and distract. Other participants encourage the ambition to persevere and not to sin or give up prematurely. Together, sporting activities are also more fun. Exercise in the fresh air is extremely beneficial for the detoxification process. Sauna visits, massages, alkaline baths or wraps are helpful in deacidification. These measures are not only a pampering program, but also effective and healing.

The base treatment for deacidification at home
As a rule, a 5-7 day alkaline treatment is sufficient to deacidify the body for the time being. A daily balanced acid-base balance and an appropriate lifestyle provide the prerequisites for a healthier life. Unfortunately, we can have little influence on environmental influences. The consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and coffee can be consciously controlled. For a positive result it is inevitable to abstain from these luxury foods.

Especially for the alkaline cure at home it is important to create enough space for rest, to relax and to sleep sufficient hours. The sleep phase is a phase of regeneration and is particularly important for the breakdown of acids and toxins in the body. Walks in the fresh air and sporting activities such as jogging or walking help to achieve the set goal.

At the beginning of an alkaline treatment, headaches, mood swings and tiredness can occur as signs of an initial worsening. Perseverance is called for. After few days this problem is overcome and first successes become noticeable.

All, which would like to accomplish a base cure seriously and successfully, should consider some bases.

Deacidification - What can I eat and drink during the alkaline treatment?

  • Drinking: The kidney excretes toxins from the body to a large extent. For this it needs plenty of liquid. About two liters should be drunk per day to support the kidneys, generally and not only during the alkaline treatment. Still mineral water and herbal teas are particularly suitable. It is advantageous to drink hot or warm water, as it is perceived as very digestible and generally promotes general well-being.


  • Nutrition: During an alkaline treatment, the diet is changed to mainly alkaline-containing foods. Fresh vegetables, preferably organically grown, form the basis of the alkaline diet. Meals with emphasis on vegetables are rich in alkaline minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and sodium. On the other hand, the acidic representatives of minerals such as sulfur, phosphorus, fluorine, iodine should be removed from the diet.

The diet consists of 70 percent alkaline foods. Absolutely taboo are all sweets and any form of nibbling during an alkaline treatment for deacidification. A natural alkalizing agent to relieve the body can be taken for short-term use. In the pharmacy or in a well-assorted health food store you can get vegetable base powder to take. It contains a variety of valuable ingredients, but no isolated substances on a chemical basis.

How can I accelerate the deacidification?

Alkaline body care: The body is stimulated to detoxify with alkaline products during body care. An all-round alkaline body care consists of alkaline baths, foot baths, creams, soaps with a pH value of over 7.

Alkaline full baths with a pH value of 8 and a bath duration of half an hour to a maximum of one hour are perfectly adequate. After about 20 minutes, the deacidifying effect starts via the skin. For a 5-7 day alkaline cure, about two alkaline full baths should be used. More would be too strenuous for the organism and would overload it. On the remaining days it is good to pamper yourself with body wraps.

Dry brush massages stimulate the blood circulation and the lymphatic system and promote deacidification. A pleasant side effect is that the skin becomes velvety soft. After each treatment, allow yourself a little time and rest to regenerate. This is how you can profit the most from the alkaline treatment.

Additional products for alkaline detox treatment

Further deacidification measures:
Other parallel measures during the base treatment for deacidification are effective, such as relaxation exercises, massages, yoga, Qi-Gong, Pilates and lymphatic drainage. They optimize the positive effect. A visit to a sauna has a supporting effect on the metabolism and also supports detoxification and helps to deacidify the body.

After deacidification

  • Maintain the acid-base balance in the long term with basic foods and avoid overacidification 
  • A varied selection of basic foods is on the menu. The following description of the alkaline, acid-forming and balancing foods and other measures that contribute to success offers a first orientation when carrying out an alkaline cure for deacidification and purification.

Foods with high acidity potential should be avoided as far as possible:

  • Animal products: Sausage, meat, fish
  • Sugar: increases the formation of acids, especially in the intestine (promotes intestinal health)
  • White flour products: Cakes, nibbles, bread, noodles
  • dairy products: Curd and cheese
  • Drinks: soft drinks, cola, black tea, coffee, alcohol, all carbonated drinks

Recommended foods with high alkaline potential:

  • Vegetables: This is the most important, as they contain a high amount of alkaline minerals.
  • Such as artichokes, avocados, chicory, potatoes, chickpeas, chard, mushrooms, leek, radicchio, beet, rocket, asparagus, spinach and dill, many types of salads, nuts, chestnuts and herbs.
  • Fruit: For example, varieties such as pineapple, apples, apricots, pears, berries, figs, oranges, peaches, plums, gooseberries, grapes, lemons. Fruit acids from fruit are hardly harmful. 

Harmless food with high deacidification potential:

  • Dried fruits and sweet potatoes: are strongly alkalizing
  • Noodles and other cereal products: They can be balanced when the vegetable portion is three to four times larger.
  • Whole grain products: from cereals such as green spelt, millet or amaranth, buckwheat, spelt, natural rice.
  • Drinks: Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Still water (carbonated mineral water is not suitable), basic tea, warm water, fresh ginger water. As a light snack, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, green smoothies, are a delicious treat.

A base cure for deacidification is a chance to go the way back to physical well-being. A balanced acid-base balance ensures that the correct pH value for the metabolic processes taking place prevails in every body cell. After a base cure for deacidification you will feel more relaxed, balanced and efficient. Remain true to the principles of the alkaline treatment. For regular continuation, one day can be designated as a regular detoxification day - once a week or per month