Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting



Intermittent means something like "suspend" or "interrupt". It refers to the cycle of eating or fasting. Depending on your everyday life and well-being, you should avoid eating for between 16 and 24 hours. Here you can choose for yourself which form of fasting you would like to integrate into your everyday life. It is only important that the fasting period is not interrupted.

Intermittent fasting has its origins in earlier times (Stone Age, Palaeolithic). The food was not accessible at all times and required physical effort through hunting or gathering. The temporary lack of food intake made people more robust and resistant. Not eating for a certain period of time also meant a certain relief for the body, as it did not have to deal with the digestion of food during this period.

At first glance, the thought of not eating for a certain period of time causes stress for many of us. For our body, too, it is in fact a small form of stress or irritation. But exactly this can do us good.

Let's compare it to sports: the stimulus, or mild stress that we give our body, leads to a positive result. Musculature is built up, the body becomes more resistant and powerful. This is also the case when our body forgoes food intake for a certain period of time.


  • 16 hours fasting & 8 hours eating (16/8)
  • 20 hours fasting & 4 hours eating (20/4)

The 16/8 rhythm is suitable for beginners as well as fitness oriented people. It is also called the "Leangains Principle". It has been optimized for fitness and strength training, because in this rhythm you achieve the best results to build up fat-free (defined) muscle mass.

If you primarily want to reduce weight, the rhythm of 36/12 or 20/4 is suitable, but this requires a lot of discipline and should only be done over a shorter period of time.

24 hours rhythm or "The Fast Diet (5:2)"

You are allowed to eat for 24 hours and then there is a 24 hour fasting period.

"The Fast Diet" means 5 days eating, 2 days fasting. Intermittent fasting, however, should not cause any nuisance or problems in everyday life. Decide for yourself which form of fasting is most suitable for you.


Increases fat burning

The body starts burning fat only after about 6-8 hours of the last meal. This is usually achieved after the night and the following breakfast interrupts this process again.

Lowers the blood sugar level

With each meal taken, the pancreas is stimulated to secrete insulin. The more often this happens, the less the cells react to the effect of the insulin. Insulin ensures that the sugar is transported from the blood into the cells of the body where it can be used directly to produce energy. The body stores the excess energy that is not needed as fat deposits. Permanently too much insulin in the blood makes the cells insensitive to the hormone. Experts therefore also speak of insulin resistance, a precursor of diabetes.

Positive effect on the nervous system

The lower blood sugar and insulin values during the chamfering period help the body to release neurotrophic factors. They control the quality of our nerve cells. Without these neurotrophic factors likewise no repair procedures in the nervous system would be possible. The consequence of this is that intermittent chamfered slows down the natural aging process of the cells substantially.

Healthy slimming

The body begins by intermittent chamfering to use the stored fat depots for energy production. That is the reason, why the intermittent chamfered can be a very effective aid for the fat burn. Likewise the chance is larger to take up fewer calories in the limited time. (For this you should not fall back naturally during the food intake to fast food). Here you can learn more about healthy weight loss.

Live more consciously

They live more consciously and disciplined. You will also learn to resist many unhealthy seductions and desires. Each meal is perceived more consciously and with more pleasure and the body learns again to distinguish between real hunger and appetite.

Intermittent fasting leads to a more conscious life