Purification cure

Purification cure - detoxify and feel good

Purification cure - detoxify and feel good

Superfluous pounds on the scales, poisons in the body and too few vital substances: everyday life often leaches out and makes sure that the well-being disappears. At some point the desire to change something comes. A good way to regain vitality and health is a detoxification or alkaline cure. It makes superfluous hip gold disappear, removes waste products from the body, drains toxins and relieves the organs.

Slag makes the body sick

Slags are not easy to define because they are not a single substance that is harmful to the body. Rather, slags can consist of different substances that are stored in the body tissue. One of the most common reasons for the formation of waste products is an inadequate, unhealthy diet with white flour products, sweets, coffee, cakes and meat and dairy products. Waste products are produced during digestion and are deposited in blood vessels, joints or connective tissue. Anyone who eats acidic foods stores acids that are classified as waste products.

But oxidized cholesterol is also among the dangers. This accumulates in blood vessels and places a heavy burden on the heart. The so-called arteriosclerosis often leads to strokes or heart attacks. But they are not only deposited in blood vessels, they also accumulate in joints. These cause severe pain and often lead to people no longer being mobile.

But bladder stones, gallstones and kidney stones are also among the waste products. They are caused by metabolic disorders that weaken the liver, intestines and kidneys. The body can therefore no longer excrete the harmful substances and produces stones in the kidneys, gall bladder or gall bladder. Waste products rarely endanger a single organ but affect the whole body.

When purification makes sense

Slags are also visible externally. If the skin is sagging and flabby, rings under the eyes are visible or the pants have become too tight, it is time to do something good for the body. Other signs that purification makes sense are general exhaustion and tiredness or a weak immune system. An alkaline cure can rid the body of harmful substances and purify it. Headaches, sleep disorders and high blood pressure are alarm signals that should not be ignored.

A detoxification cure can prevent strange mood swings and joint pain, but after a successful detox, it can also alleviate sleep disorders. Losing weight in a healthy way is not only possible with a detoxification cure, but also absolutely necessary, since being overweight causes many complaints and diseases. Purification can ensure that chronic diseases are alleviated or even disappear completely. Kidney and liver problems are also an indication that one should detoxify one's own body.

Detoxify the body

In the industrialized world, everyone is exposed to many substances and toxins that are harmful to the body. They can be found in drinking water, in body care products, in cosmetics, in the air and above all in our food. The body is no longer able to eliminate them on its own due to the mass of pollutants. This is why diseases develop. Who wants to prevent illnesses or to decrease healthy, a chamfering cure can make for detoxification. However above all a purification cure is recommended, which brings the body again on trot. A detox is to improve the health, by stimulating the metabolism.

During a detoxification cure the diet is checked: All bad foods with a lot of sugar or wheat flour are removed from the diet. During a detoxification cure the body is cleaned and detoxified from within. In about four weeks the body can be purified and detoxified from the inside. Healthy slimming is very easy with a detoxification cure, which is repeated up to three times a year, because one concentrates on the nutrition and improves the well-being lastingly.

What are the advantages of a detoxification cure compared to a fasting cure?

Who wants to get rid of its pounds as fast as possible, comes on the idea not to purify the body, but to do completely without food. Many humans believe that they purify the body, if they do not eat anything and make a chamfering cure. However one should consider that not each humans holds out a chamfering cure. Who would like to decrease healthy, it should first ensure that the body is healthy and no organs are damaged. Whose liver is damaged, no chamfering cure should accomplish.

Chamfering cures have the disadvantage that the body releases many poisons and acids in this time, since no food is taken up and the so-called discharge organs are completely overtaxed. Also the cardiovascular system is strongly stressed by a cure. A detoxification cure, which has the goal of purifying the body, is naturally strenuous. But the alkaline cure neither overburdens the elimination organs nor does one forego healthy food. On the contrary: Those who start with a detoxification cure will manage to eat a healthy diet in the long run.

What happens during a detox?

During a purification cure, people learn to listen to their body again. Harmful and bad foods are removed from the diet, i.e. wheat flour products, sweets, sugar products, industrially produced finished products and soft drinks are avoided. The body can detoxify gently, since one eats healthy food and does not overtax the body when detoxifying. By means of healthy recipes the body is slowly deacidified, since the participants of a purification eat basic foods.

A detoxification cure increases vitality and is a good option for those who want to lose weight healthily. The diet is changed to an alkaline, vital, wholefood diet. The acid-base balance is brought back into harmony during the alkaline cure. The body's detoxification mechanisms are exposed, the metabolism is boosted and the body begins to detoxify. Of course, in addition to nutrition, this also includes abstaining from stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine and coffee. All toxic substances are avoided during a detoxification process so that the body can regenerate itself.

How does a detoxification cure become successful?

If a detoxification cure is to be successful, it is important that stress is reduced. Body and mind should be brought back into harmony. If you want to lose weight healthily and purify the body, you should therefore take alternating showers and alkaline baths. Yoga also helps the body to detoxify. Leaving out sugar, coffee and other stimulants can lead to withdrawal symptoms. These manifest themselves, for example, with headaches.

To prevent these withdrawal symptoms, taking barley grass or wheat grass powder helps. If you want to boost your circulation during the alkaline treatment, you should have a liver, kidney or stomach compress applied. During an alkaline treatment, the mind and body should be at rest so that the acid-base balance is balanced again. For this reason, it is also recommended to take base powder during an alkaline treatment. A purification cure is also supported by pleasant dry brush massages.

An alkaline cure puts a strain on the body

If you want to detoxify your body, you are on the right track with a detoxification cure. It is recommended that a detox should not take more than 4 weeks. For chronically ill, kidney patients or people suffering from eating disorders, an alkaline cure can be too strenuous. They are advised to talk to their family doctor before the cure.

Breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women should also talk to their doctor before an alkaline treatment. During detoxification, but especially at the beginning, participants are often tired and exhausted as the body cleanses and adjusts. Expectant mothers have an energy requirement for themselves and the unborn child.

Tips so that the purification works

The purification cure is accompanied by a change of diet. Those who want to successfully detoxify their body should enjoy more vegetables and fruit. They are regarded as alkaline-forming. Alkaline foods detoxify the body. Foods made from wheat contain gluten, the so-called sticky protein. Gluten overacidifies the body, which prevents purification.

It is better to resort to healthy alternatives. Baked goods made from buckwheat, millet, amaranth, brown millet and quinoa support detoxification. They do not contain gluten. Brown rice is recommended instead of white rice. Thanks to legumes such as peas, soy, lentils and various types of beans, one does not remain hungry during a detox. For frying or refining, vegetable, cold-pressed oil is recommended. To a Jarmino cure one receives beside koestlichen nourishing products also simply successful prescriptions, so that one can integrate the purging problem-free into the everyday life.

Long-term success after purification

Detoxification is not difficult with an appropriate cure. It revitalizes the body and cleanses it. In order to keep it that way, a healthy lifestyle should be maintained after the detoxification cure. A gluten-free diet with lots of fruit and vegetables ensures that the body remains vital and healthy in the long term. Anyone who wants to continue to lose weight in a healthy way achieves this through a healthy diet. In addition, it is recommended to take an alkaline cure two to three times a year to cleanse and purify the body.

You should avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee and cigarettes or at least reduce them considerably. Baked goods made from wheat flour should also be the exception rather than the rule.