Taking Collagen

Taking Collagen

Taking collagen is not only good for beautiful skin, hair and nails, collagen also has various health benefits. Collagen is a protein and thus strengthens the body. Studies have shown that taking collagen helps with joint problems (e.g. arthrosis). Endurance athletes or people who are very active should therefore not do without collagen.

Collagen is also known for its protective and thus anti-inflammatory effect on the intestinal wall.

How to take collagen?

Collagen is best taken orally. Make sure you take at least 5-10g of collagen internally per day.

In addition, the collagen should come from a high-quality source, in this case organic collagen from bone broth from pasture cattle or collagen hydrolysate also from pasture cattle is recommended. Both collagens contain the collagen types 1, 2 and 3 and supply the body with important amino acids.

A high collagen dose of 5 to 10g per day is recommended, as this ensures that sufficient collagen still reaches the intestine. There it can help to protect the intestinal wall so that no toxins and bacteria can escape (Leaky Gut Snydrome) - these are often the cause of inflammation around the body, which can then lead to skin diseases, immune disorders, skin aging, etc.

There is no danger of overdose when taking collagen.

External collagen intake, for example with creams, is less effective because the body cannot absorb the important amino acids through chewing.

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When to take collagen?

For a lasting effect on health, fitness and beauty, it is recommended to make collagen a daily routine. Collagen can only have a lasting effect if taken regularly.

To make sure you don't forget, it is best to take collagen in the morning, dissolved in water, juices, smoothies, shakes, cereals.

The collagen powder is usually tasteless.

Of course you can also take the collagen during the day or in the evening. Researchers even assume that collagen helps you fall asleep.